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Yamaha YZ450F 2014 To remember


Price: N Availability: August 2013 Current Colour: Blue or Sport Racing White 

Moto-Station tries Yamaha YZ450F 2014


  Mechanically, the Yamaha YZ450F is characterized by a 4-stroke 450 cc fuel-injected liquid-cooled, 4 valves / 2 ACT tilted backwards. On the year 2014, Yamaha has increased the size of the valves: intake valves spend 36 to 37 mm exhaust and those from 30 to 30.5mm in diameter.
ECU is reconfigured, the injection body 44mm Keihin is redesigned and given a new Denso injector 12. Yamaha Power Tuner box allows you to quickly customize the engine response to suit different riding styles and terrain profiles. The volume of the air box pass 1216 à 3230 cm3, which improves engine performance while reducing weight and easy maintenance.
's intake and exhaust cam profile and design of the crankshaft were reviewed. In order to save weight, the dimensions of the engine cases have been reduced and simplified system of lubrication (wet sump). The engine oil capacity is reduced by 20% (from 1.2 to 0.95 L). The fuel pump is also more compact.
collector The winds around the engine. This design introduced by the official Yamaha Monster Rinaldi used to extend the upper manifold and shorten the silent masses to refocus (18 cm closer to the center of the bike compared to 2013). 
The 2014 Yamaha YZ450F is equipped with discs clutch optimized and firmer springs, which is compensated by using a clutch cable surrounded by Teflon. The selection is reviewed with a new design of the mechanism. Primary reduction ratio is now longer (60/23 instead of 61/23) and the ratio of the third report is shorter.
Moto-Station tries Yamaha YZ450F 2014


Part the YZ 450 F-2014 has been refined. The hydroformed frame Bilateral Beam consists of ten parts forged aluminum, cast and extruded. A new radiator, thinner and shorter, and a rear loop shortened and more lightweight components contribute to weight reduction.
separate The inverted Kayaba Air-Oil cartridge fork receives new springs. The front axle going to a larger diameter (22 mm), tees and jumpers were stiffened but - first for Yamaha! - Pro Taper handlebars is maintained by bridges mounted on rubber.
A new shock appeared, marking the return to a vertical cylinder probably less exposed to heat the manifold and engine as the previous models. Its implementation is made ​​possible by the new collector, who is now the turn of the motor.
This provision has lowered the fuel tank while increasing capacity of a liter, bringing the injection system and adopt a new harness. Changes which contribute significantly to the refocusing of the masses on the YZ-F 2014.
aesthetics and overall line of the Cross YZ-F 2014 range have been revisited. Yamaha wanted to "bury" the tank of 7.5 liters in the bike so it visually disappears. Access to the air filter still wants easy to simplify maintenance. The seat and rear fender were "restructured" on models 2014 and the air intake is now prominent on the new silhouette. The new decor in 2014 is directly molded into the plastic to increase its wear resistance. Finally, Yamaha will still be available in two colors: Blue or Racing Sports White.
Moto-Station tries Yamaha YZ450F 2014

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