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All test motorbike jacket and pants Scott Dual Raid

In our comparative trails big in 2013, we discovered all Scott Dual Raid. Equipment trail in mind somewhat fighter and adventurer, who also will tap into the eye off-road driver, seeing it as a device quite ready to face the vagaries of the Enduro. 
Finally jacket especially because pants that goes over boots suitable for hiking cushy, but can be annoying in sport mode. However, it has the necessary elements with reinforced areas exposed to heat and friction inserts.
Moto-Station trying all jacket and pants Scott Dual Raid

A good jacket road for Enduro

This is the jacket that has been out for a few items Enduro where we could face almost all driving conditions! But before that, we had to remove the liner, very nice for cold weather protection for road use, but soon stifling Enduro, lack of sufficient speed!
Once lining least it is already much better even if in a bright sun, the temperature rises quickly enough under the jacket! Fortunately, when you open the sleeves to the length, the air flow is working. And if you drive by higher heat, it is still possible to open the vents on each side of the back. Finally, in very extreme cases, the sleeves are removable.
Moto-Station trying all jacket and pants Scott Dual Raid

Scott Dual Raid: Designed for off-road

Further details will appeal to enduro probably like protections built at the shoulders and elbows. These protections shape memory (flexible, it hardens at impact) allow the pilot an ample freedom of movement for the practice of Enduro. A light barrier stone below the jacket and it's good: you're ready to embrace Mother Nature!
Another feature of this jacket: it is designed to directly integrate the pocket water a Camel Back in the back and guide the hose through the lining to make it stand in front of a little lower than the collarbone. Very well thought out, it saves weight and volume since it does not need special backpack more. And if the bag is pierced? Honestly, we have not yet had the opportunity to try ...
Small problem however for enduro riders who used to ride with a whiplash protection: the collar is not removable, so it is much less convenient and enjoyable ride with a neck brace.
Moto-Station trying all jacket and pants Scott Dual Raid

Even under water!

Here for the fun part of the test. Now we move to leak test ... Because yes, we could test the Scott jacket in heavy rain: how lucky for you! And held his rank Dual Raid jacket: it was not until at least two hours before taking shower intensive water. And despite this, the cell phone that was in the inside pocket is not even drowned:. Just a little wet, but not enough to put off
Losing a few degrees during the same tour, rain s' is transformed into snow. This means that even when it was freezing severe! Well, without being particularly cautious, I must say I was glad to wear this jacket delayed up despite my transformation into ice drifts that were beginning to form on the chest!
With internal lining, providing a seal total, the cold might have been pushed a little more, but when we must push a little gardening or Enduro, heat quickly became unbearable, even in these winter conditions.
Moto-Station trying all jacket and pants Scott Dual Raid

And on the road, then?

Good reference for the outputs off track, all Scott Dual Raid proves also very well thought out for road use. On fast track, we appreciate its low wind as much as his good protection. The adjustment sleeves and collar with snaps is easy and effective. To protect the neck during head movements, the lining has a soft material at the neck. Once lining filed texture jacket collar is abrasive.
There are multiple external pockets on the jacket motorcycle Scott Dual Raid. The first two, located in the lower part, have no waterproof zipper. This is followed by a central pocket on the chest, and another on the left sleeve, ideal for sliding his credit card and easily exit at. Hidden behind the central flap, another pocket at the chest with a zipper, can store his papers to dry. Inside, the lining is also equipped with a mesh pocket.
's loose-fitting pants offer great ease. The side clamps are provided by two plastic buckles more practical. The thighs, there are zippered vents. Protections flexible knees do not bother to bend the legs. To protect the lower back lifts air, we can connect the pants to the jacket, but once all assembled, the leg length is a little short (your servant is 1.83 m) and ankles found somewhat exposed. On the pants too, lining can be removed easily and gives very accessible via zips.
Moto-Station trying all jacket and pants Scott Dual Raid

Balance Scott Dual Raid Jacket Swiss Army knife!

Very good quality, all Scott Dual Raid falls into place even with its built-in protections. Compact and has many practical aspects, this is a very nice reference trail that could prove popular among fans of real terrain.
Still, for the practice of Enduro, the price is still higher than the average classical ensembles. Count € 439 to € 269 for jacket and pants ... If you are a biker looking to escape to the handlebar of your trail, and occasional enduro (or vice versa ...), given its versatility all Scott Dual Raid should not fail you!

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