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KTM RC250R 2013: Remeber


Price: € 45,000 (basic package), € 105,000 (Full GP Kit) Availability: 31/07/2013 end of the orders for delivery in February 2014 

Moto-Station trying KTM RC250R


The single-cylinder four-valve dual camshaft KTM RC250R is 100% new and does not share room with other engines of the brand. Compact, the block would weigh about 20 kg and is lubricated by only three pumps oil through a housing semi-humid. It develops 50 hp at 11,000 rev / min but can extend up to 14 000 r / min.
Primary transmission occurs by chain. Supply side, it is Athena who provides the equipment, namely an electronic injection oval body and two injectors in basic package. The 6-speed gearbox (version E) cassette can be changed via the catalog of options.
To cool this little world, a large water heater and an air / oil are in the game. Akrapovic exhaust system provides 100% titanium, leaving 107db as standard. Finally, the engine feeds exclusively on gasoline 102 octane.
Moto-Station trying KTM RC250R


Under the KTM C250 R R is a tubular steel lattice column whose angle and the mounting height of the swing arm can be changed. The latter, also of aluminum, is connected to the damper WP (adjustable in all directions) via a rod.
nosewheel Coté, WP also provides fork 35mm diameter, also adjustable. KTM has chosen to OZ wheels 17 inch forged aluminum wheels and Brembo braking with a monobloc caliper and a 290 mm ​​disc at the front and a 190 mm ​​disc at the rear.
Moto-Station trying KTM RC250R

Development kits

KTM RC250R can receive two levels of spare change. The first, called Performance Kit adds to the basic package a new line Akrapovic spitting 115dB, a home kit to adapt a Dell'Orto ECU - and mapping that goes with it - instead of Athena unit, a new lambda probe a cylinder head gasket boosting the compression ratio to 15: 1. To this can be added a dash, ECU and ignition Dell'Orto.
And if that's not enough, there are ways to turn to the Full GP Kit includes a new more powerful WP fork, a pair of wheels OZ wrought, double disc front brake Brembo, a modified (still with an optional full set of rings of different sizes) ratio, a water radiator hoses and improved, and a battery of sensors to monitor magnesium telemetry all motorcycle components. At random from the long list of suspensions sensors (sinking / relaxation), brake sensors (pressure in the system), and sensors on the wheels. Now the RC 250 R, lighter than 2 kg, is dressed to face the world's elite ...
Moto-Station trying KTM RC250R

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