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Ducati Diavel Strada: Remeber


Price: € 19,690 (at 17/04/2013) Availability: immediate Colours: anthracite Warranty: Two years parts and labor, unlimited mileage 

Moto-Station try the Ducati Diavel Strada


The Ducati Diavel Strada remains faithful to block Testastretta 11 ° initiated on the Diavel. As the Multistrada 1200, the drawing of the camshafts was revised compared to superbikes brand to increase flexibility at low speeds, improve roundness and combustion cycle operation favoring close explosions. The sports genes remain, and if twin L agrees to take 2 000 r / min on intermediaries, its approval is less in its evolution at low speeds in the rhythm changes.
Strada The Diavel takes the trappings of audience the standard Diavel as ride-by-wire, three engine mapping (Sport, Touring and Urban) or the Ducati Traction Control adjustable from 1 to 8 and unplugging the environment. Maintenance side, the range of revisions is 12 000 km or one year and the valve adjustment with belt replacement is 24 000 km by simple precaution.
Moto-Station try the Ducati Diavel Strada


Ducati has taken the entire chassis of the Diavel Strada while we expected a reinforced rear loop framework to support the luggage. Given the limited amount of it, it probably has not been deemed necessary to change this part of the frame. The steel mesh is also unchanged at the front, just like the beautiful aluminum swingarm. The side plates, aluminum also are receiving mixed back loop (underbody and wheel are made ​​of polymer).
Turntables footrest are different to match the philosophy of the Ducati Diavel GT Strada. The controls are slightly advanced, the footrest back incorporate the anchor points of the classic version, but the elevated seating and remote provides more space to unfold the legs. Wider and more curved towards the driver, the new handlebar is designed to relieve the shoulders and allow a more upright posture.
rims to 14 branches involved in the visual signature of the Diavel in the purest spirit custom. The rear wheel off 8 inches and huge Pirelli off 240 mm impress. The brakes have nothing to envy to a sport radial Brembo calipers, master cylinders upscale, progressive and accurate ABS. Kerb weight is announced against 245 kg 239 kg for the standard Diavel.
Moto-Station try the Ducati Diavel Strada

Equipment / Manufacture

The finish of the Ducati Diavel Strada is truly remarkable. Nothing out of the ordinary considering the price of the beast ... Ducati has some very neat visual details to stop: wheels, trim, exhaust ... The dashboard, rich in information, is divided into two parts, one located on the reservoir. This brings in the idea of instrumentation Yamaha V Max. Readability is average and it is necessary to leave the road ahead to read certain information. A 12 V takes place next to the counter.
equipment Strada this version includes a comfort seat with sissy bar, detachable bags and windshield. Removable via a key lock different from the ignition, the suitcases are not inhabitable: just enough to bring rain suit, U-lock and a few trinkets. The windshield provides a protection varies depending on the size of the pilot: it can save the bust or just let it slide drops of water to the height of the driver's helmet ...
Moto-Station try the Ducati Diavel Strada

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