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1190 KTM RC8R 2013: Remeber


Price: € 16,915 (at 14/08/2013) Availability: immediate Colours: white / orange / black Warranty: 2 years parts and labor, unlimited mileage, KTM support included 

Moto-Station try the KTM RC8R 2013


Only the clutch PASC (Power Assist Slipper Clutch) sees changed. Always slipper, it now reduces the effort required to gain leverage feeling. It consists of nine steel and ten friction disks drives. The first drive in the array has a larger inside diameter to accommodate conical springs anti jerks. Maintenance level, discs are changed every 50 000 km. For the rest, there are happy the V-Twin open to 75 ° 1 195 m3 with super square dimensions: 105 x 69mm. The power does not change (170cv 10 250 r / min) as well as the torque (12.3 daN to 8000 rev / min.
Moto-Station try the KTM RC8R 2013


No change in the chassis, with equipment always at the top. The tubular trellis frame is still chrome molybdenum steel, adjustable suspensions in all directions were from WP and Marchesini forged aluminum wheels provide gain unsprung weight. Side braking, both front discs 320 mm are clamped firmly by Brembo monoblock strong and durable, but a little down side feeling.
Moto-Station try the KTM RC8R 2013


Perfectly in mind Ready to Race KTM RC8R always full of solutions to transform your bike arrived by road in a machine more suitable to grate your sliders. Thus it is possible to raise the rear of the KTM 12 mm to charge more the front.
footrest driver and handlebars can be raised or lowered easily, as well as some unnecessary accessories in practice circuit (passenger footrests, mounting plate and turn signals) can be removed in seconds.
Dashboard has meanwhile a circuit mode acting as a clock. But it displays so much information at a time that it becomes unreadable as the eye can see by looking for a particular data. The bar graph tachometer, too small, is even worse.
Moto-Station try the KTM RC8R 2013

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