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Ducati test Hyperstrada: The Hypermotard daily

The vintages follow and it is always surprising efforts by Ducati to try to impose the kind supermotard. Since the first of its kind, the Hypermotard 1100, launched in 2007, Bologna then perseveres that sales of such motorcycles show at least irregular from one country to another. For 2013, we are entitled to a brand new Ducati Hypermotard family. It has three models built around a motor / common chassis that incorporates a new water-cooled 821 cm3 engine.
Hypermotard 2013 The Hypermotard therefore rubs the SP - its high performance relative - and Hyperstrada tested today. Small fixed windshield, center stand and panniers series: Ducati, it's called a City Commuter, a sort of supermoto daily. Alternative to the KTM 990 SMT , Ducati Multistrada 1200 downsizée ... there are many ways to see this bike. But this new Hyperstrada should quickly take the lead in sales of the brand in France.
Moto-Station tries Ducati Hyperstrada

Comfortable Supermoto

In her white dress, the Ducati Hyperstrada this well and shows the recent aesthetic codes Ducati which quite close to that of the Multistrada beak. This is a moment that Ducati is working on manufacturing quality:. Materials and assembly are again very satisfactory
with the saddle at 850 mm from the ground, the Hyperstrada rivals trails medium capacity market. The seat is wide and is immediately comfortable, thanks to the bead that can provide lower back. With 1.70 m in the fathom, I put toes on each side. The raised handlebars, finally, gives the Hyperstrada more upright posture.
Contact. The twin Testastretta 11 ° second generation snorts in a flattering exhaust sound. It cracks generously to the throttle, choke before gradually in the midrange. The handling is downright easy: the Hyperstrada is a lightweight motorcycle with soft controls, including clutch.
Nevertheless, several small things that we interviewed during the test of the Hypermotard 2013 , remember our good memories. The passage of the first two reports is a stiff hair, as well as the downshift, it must accompany when we go down in seconds.
then the position is on the front, as often this type of motorcycle. We really feel like sitting on the handlebar, like on a Husqvarna Nuda 900 . Braking finally comes standard with an adjustable and detachable ABS, is a bit too abrupt start of the race. It's embarrassing to peaceful pace causing a little kick in the crotch.
Moto-Station tries Ducati Hyperstrada

Modern and efficient, the 821 Testastretta

Our test is conducted on the Island of Beauty and our opener is none other than Bruno Langlois, Ducati in road rally and representing the brand at the legendary Pikes Peak. The guy has put together an itinerary with onions, with special auto and motorcycle rallies: foam, gravel, holes, cant, Hyperstrada will be entitled to all! From the outset, we rediscover the new engine has a nice range, especially for mechanical Ducati.
It can go down to 2000 rev / min on the reports used on the road and leave without knocking. 3 500 r / min to 6 500 r / min, he shows a great force and feeling pretty torque allows overtaking, without having to open wide. Approval side, there are also a very good calibration of the electronic throttle, which faithfully responds to commands from the right hand. When wound, the motor is round and soft. When it opens wide, the bike jumps instantly. It is accurate.
Technically more modern than the air-cooled unit, the new Testastretta 11 ° proves far more quick to climb the towers, with a nice boost at high speed, which pait up front and the rear wheel spinning wheel if you disconnect the traction control. We expected this increased mechanical vivacity, and it is obvious that there are 106 horses.
Efficient, sure, this modern engine may regret will be a couple of tractor Desmodue 1100. 257 cm3 with less, it is to be expected. However, the new twin is not sharp, however, and take in high revs not add much, except that it accepts to find easily exercise. The beach is the most efficient in the area of the 5 000 to 8 000 r / min or current regimes.
Moto-Station tries Ducati Hyperstrada

More agile than stable

Throughout our journey, we take the winding and fast sections. There Ducati unveils Hyperstrada design choices. Directional stability in high-speed line is improved, tacking as soon as the bike hangs a little so as to handle. This is not really surprising: the Aprilia Dorsoduro and other Husqvarna Nuda suffer the same ripples.
stability on the corner in the beautiful curves depends largely on the speed: at 120 km / the Hyperstrada is a rail, but sense of confidence decreases slightly with the increase in speed. And in many of our courses S, the Hyperstrada was less accurate than pure sports roadster:. They can match a Triumph Street Triple R or Ducati Monster 1100 Evo in terms of investment
security is still good, but it is taking very winding roads that we can better understand some of the choices of geometry. On twisty county if it is difficult to exceed 60 km / h, the Ducati Hyperstrada reveals a formidable agility, which allows to catch bad situations involved, in extremis to correct a trajectory to avoid the local wildlife - wild pigs, lazy cows, goats reckless ... -. Example
The 204 kg fully fueled announced also participate in the fun side of Hyperstrada changing support ... hyperfacilement! On a special Rally Corsica, the suspensions are put to the test, and the center stand will hit the ground more than once in the deep road irregularities. No bars shake for all: the Hyperstrada is healthy. However, in control mode, if the saddle suitable for road use, becomes a handicap for its design limits movement. This recalls the KTM 690 Duke on which you can wiggle at will. Still, the fun is, undoubtedly.
Moto-Station tries Ducati Hyperstrada

Conclusion: To play and roll

Back to the hotel to a more normal pace. Between showers, the Ducati Hyperstrada demonstrates its general ease, good comfort saddle and suspension. The small windscreen makes no miracle at most he relieves a little bust.
Audiences are well made, with traction control and ABS fairly progressive, including gravel. Disconnected, these two audiences are adjustable and can be stored at selected levels. But then you stop and navigate the menus to change.
pleasant surprise, large panniers can accommodate a full-face helmet and some trinkets each and s'ôtent easily. After this test, the Ducati Hyperstrada appears as a custom motorcycle to roll over and play a custom motorcycle to ride and play. Dominates the fun, but it is tinged with versatility.
remains a price of € 12,790 fully equipped (luggage, center stand, Ducati Safety Pack), which puts it in rival many bikes offer the same philosophy: KTM 990 SMT , Triumph Tiger 800 and even Honda Crossrunner . A niche for the least played!

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  1. The Ducati Hyperstrada is a touring version of the Ducati.The bike look as racing sporty,with ABS system.It's for tour lover, have a large space for leagues on hillside drive. Model have a modern look, high stable Bike Model was less accurate than the pure sports roadster