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Yamaha MT-09: To remember

1 test test by Yamaha MT-09!


Availability: October 2013, November 2013 for an ABS version Price: € 7,799 / € 8,299 (ABS) Color: dark purple, orange, gray matte black, gray and blue (Blu Race) Warranty: 2 years parts and labor ' work, unlimited mileage 

The key points of the Yamaha MT-09:

- New platform engine form / frame 
- new type three-cylinder engine line 847 cm3 
- Yamaha engine mapping D-Mode, standard A or B 
- unique aluminum frame diecast 
- swingarm diecast aluminum 
- suspension Monocross type rear mounted horizontal 
- inverted fork, radial brake calipers mount 
- sleek design, minimalist 
- instrumentation type LCD asymmetric 
- a wide range of optional accessories
1 test test by Yamaha MT-09!


With the MT-09, Yamaha launches new engine, which is always an event for an engine manufacturer. It'sa there a three-cylinder in-line engine, an unused Yamaha 37 years architecture and lineage XS 750/850 XS! The success of Triumph, the first to go on this type of engine in the early 90s and to generalize across a range, obviously given ideas to Yamaha. The Japanese thought the design of this engine since about 2007 and is determined to achieve in 2009, with various perspectives of displacement before stopping at the next value of 850 cm3, the compromise between the time compactness, performance, therefore consumption and pollution.
1 test test by Yamaha MT-09!
A real displacement of 847 cm3, this water-cooled three-cylinder bore has a nice value (78 mm) to 59.1 mm stroke, then type super square as the overwhelming majority of current engines. From the beginning of the project PC-3, the idea was to tilt forward so the place in a low position in the frame, which is why Yamaha has worked on the forms of the combustion chamber and the provision trees. The cylinder block is, indeed, very compact, but the lower engine covers are much larger. The compression ratio is rather high (11.5: 1), as in all modern engines.
Among other characteristics, the rolls are shifted by 5 mm with respect to the crankshaft axis, as the last YZ450F motocross. Thus, the position of the connecting rod is straight under the piston when the combustion has its maximum strength, the piston skirt is less push on the walls of the cylinder, with the key in less friction, and thus less wear consumption.
1 test test by Yamaha MT-09!
This block MT-09 has a balance shaft, and unwanted vibrations are not absent, of course, but rather contained. Nearly 10 kg lighter than the FZ8 block, the three cylinders of the MT-09 weighs 60 kg and also has more high-tech technologies: electronic ride-by-wire YCC-T throttle, variable intake funnel length ( ditto R1), D-mode engine mapping (standard, A and B more highly reactive soft). Yamaha has also worked on the cooling and pollution. In particular, engineers have reduced the number of hoses (shorter) to the radiator, the exhaust line of type 3/1 is equipped with a new generation catalyst. During cold starts, the thermostat restricts the flow of water into the engine block, to ensure a faster warm-up of the catalyst and thus less pollution. Note that the three-cylinder Yamaha MT-09 seems to accommodate high temperatures: at 30 ° ambient temperature, it triggered the fan only during prolonged periods. Also called "Master of Torque", the new engine develops 8.3 daN torque (8.9 kgm) at 8500 rev / min to 106.2 hp (78.1 kw) 10 000 r / min. Note that the MT-09 develops 115 horsepower out of our borders. The French version will have the right to a specific ECU case and it may be unnecessary and expensive to unleash, not to mention the illegal nature of the transaction.
1 test test by Yamaha MT-09!


Engine and frame have in common a search on lowering the center of gravity and mass centralization. Thus, the shape of the frame in die-cast aluminum part to advance the engine and the lowest position. Beautifully crafted, this framework has the particularity to tighten at the axis of the swing arm to ensure the best possible narrowness in the crotch. The horizontal positioning of the shock absorber mounted on an unprecedented Monocross link also participates in the fineness of the motorcycle. This rear architecture (oscillating back loop arm) seems to be able to easily change the words of its engineers, is to consolidate the back loop or graft another arm swing for example. This choice is dictated by the need to provide future versions of the MT-09, probably with another back.
1 test test by Yamaha MT-09!
The suspensions are adjustable preload and rebound. The settings are relatively accessible with a sufficiently long screwdriver. Rims, unpublished, have ten thin sticks. This maintains the rigidity and reduce weight. Braking is not "low end" and adopts four-piston calipers with radial mount. The master cylinder is axially fixing. The wheels, 17 inches, are fitted as original equipment on new Bridgestone S20. Again, the air rises is modern and ignores the so-called "second line" references. The reservoir has a volume of 14 liters. Kerb weight, Yamaha announces 188 kg for standard MT-09, 191 kg for the ABS version is reduced values ​​we check in an upcoming trial.
1 test test by Yamaha MT-09!

Manufacturing equipment

For a brand new motorcycle, sold under € 8,000 in call price, the Yamaha MT-09 is frankly good meeting. The materials used (aluminum toe to foot controls), the smoothness of certain parts, the arrival of new standards (stalks, instrumentation) could push up the bill, but Yamaha has chosen squeeze prices to catch up on volumes. The low margin obtained on the first MT-09 will be offset by development costs amortized largely on future variants.
1 test test by Yamaha MT-09!
In terms of equipment, we must be content that can provide a desired minimalist roadster. The instrumentation arranged offset to the right, wants complete and readable via its LCD screen. There are two part, a gear position indicator, fuel gauge, clock, the engine and ambient temperature, trip average fuel consumption, the speed and engine speed, it is not very readable.
The brake lever is adjustable in spacing. The stalks are new, with a rocker for the circuit breaker, which also serves as a starter. Orders flashing, the horn, headlights are very small and too close to each other. Mirrors, very design, are actually quite effective and vibrate slightly. Under the saddle, space is limited, it is difficult to put a U respectable size. The passenger seat is decent considering the class paths "Troubleshooting" or some rides will not be a burden on the MT-09.
1 test test by Yamaha MT-09!

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