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Protection test TT Enduro Cross: Stone guard Alpinestars A-10

Equipped with the rockfall Alpinestars A10, we rolled into various test in order to deliver our print this protection dedicated to the motorcycle offroad conditions. However, these conditions have been limited largely to motocross. The reason is simple ... The Alpinestars A10 is clearly a protection designed to be worn over the shirt motorcycle. Indeed, imposing shoulder but also protection at the broad belly does not make it a pleasant and practical protection - not very aesthetic, for that matter - to be worn under a shirt. Under these conditions, therefore difficult to use the rockfall Alpinestars Enduro discipline where most of the time you wear a jacket. It does not go below ... and it is better to forget! That the outset limit the range of the A-10.
Moto-Station tries the front stones Alpinestars A-10

Lightweight for A10

When put on the front stone Alpinestars A10, we appreciate on its lightness. After an initial inconclusive test, the rockfall not staying in place during a tour of land, a return to the starting point is needed. This defect will allow to see that the height adjustment front and behind the shoulders - BTR screw - is quite effective. Once done, the rockfall TT is in place and is forgotten.
Overall ergonomics of the A10 is good, thick foam shoulder pads provide some comfort. The rigid parts of the rockfall cross Alpinestars are connected to one another by a flexible material, which allows the protection to properly follow the movements of the body. We can not complain much about the A10 from an ergonomic point of view. Whatever ...
Moto-Station tries the front stones Alpinestars A-10

SNB only

Stones ... this barrier is designed to accommodate a neck protection. Therefore, it has a removable portion at the front and a notch in the back to slide the "hind leg" of a neck brace. If you have a Bionic Neck Support - the neck brace at home Alpinestars - no worries, it's perfect. But it spoils quickly if, like us, you try to associate the A10 a Leatt Brace. As for the other neck protection (Omega Ortema, Moveo ...), they will not find any of their place on the Alpinestars A-10, it is said.
Moto-Station tries the front stones Alpinestars A-10

Maybe a little too light?

In practice, we appreciate the maximum ventilation rockfall Alpinestars in hot, a little less when riding in the mud. There is also a detail mud revealed: the straps A10 just be clipped on each side of the abdominal area. And when we passed a handle to make plastering by friends, mud tends to pinch clips. Side protection, the facial part encompasses much torso and abs and shoulder pads are quite reassuring. For the backbone, there is not necessarily anything to complain about, but for someone who used to wear protective vests, be published this very (too?) Light.
Moto-Station tries the front stones Alpinestars A-10

Practice the rockfall, but ...

Finally, from a practical point of view, it is good, but not quite reached this rockfall Alpinestars A10. Thus, we can remove all the inner foam to wash. They are mostly maintained by pressure, but even Velcro to the plastic. So far, no problem, the idea is pretty good, except that the scratches in the plastic part tend to come with foam. It does not really. Rest assured, pressures provide the necessary support to avoid losing foams and suddenly, the good news is that the rockfall and foams accept wash pressure washer.
Moto-Station tries the front stones Alpinestars A-10

Balance Alpinestars A10: Could do better, much better!

Light, airy and rather practical qualities to be recognized Alpinestars A10 well. However it is not completely convinced by this dedicated to motocross rockfall. Cutting inconvenient inducing limited use, quality of finish is not up to this qu'Alpinestars is used to present, especially at 149 € breastplate ... In short, a first-generation firewall stones-which leaves us rather unsatisfied. The last born from Alpinestars A-8, however, we seem more successful.

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