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BMW F 800 GS Adventure: Remeber


Price: € 12,250 Colour: beige or red availabilty: immediately Warranty: Two years parts and labor, unlimited mileage 

Moto-Station tries the BMW F 800 GS Adventure

BMW F 800 GS Adventure Special Features

• Serial: - dressing reinforced front
- high bubble
- fires long range
- hand guards
- Bumper guards
- orders to rally feet
- tank the increased capacity (24 liters)
- rear side protection with support for luggage • Optional: - pack comfort: centerstand, board computer, heated grips ... - pack Enduro ASC traction with mapping or Road Enduro ESA suspension

Moto-Station tries the BMW F 800 GS Adventure


BMW F800GS Adventure keeps the engine from the standard version, common in outline the F800R and F700GS. This twin line 798 cm3 and has shown nervous, fruit Rotax technology, dry sump lubrication. This injected block can optionally receive two injection maps (Enduro or Road) working with the ASC traction control (also optional) when it is connected. The BMW F 800 GS Adventure develops 85 hp at 7500 rev / min and 83 Nm at 5750 rev / min. It can be clamped to 35 kW / 48 hp to become accessible to young A2 license.
Moto-Station tries the BMW F 800 GS Adventure


The steel frame lattice or even metal oscillating arms are those of the standard F800GS. Bolted back loop has been modified to accommodate the larger tank. With 24 liters (including 4 reserve) against 16 of the GS, it autourise longer stages, and integration was rather well done. What do rager technicians some props (including Touratech) who designed an additional tank for the F 800 GS standard, but typically located at the front of the bike. For the rest, suspension and brakes are identical to those of the F800GS. ABS is fitted as standard, ESA and CSA option or as packs that goes without saying.
Moto-Station tries the BMW F 800 GS Adventure

Equipment - Manufacturing

The BMW F 800 GS Adventure is a beautiful bike, well finished, on which endurisantes changes were made with intelligence and a real sense of integration. Series already found many essential equipment: hand guards, additional lights, seat comfort, ABS and adjustable shock preload by an accessible but hard knob. The optional onboard computer saves some info, whereas the center stand, heated grips or electronic staffing (CSA, ESA, multiplayer maps), it will draw in the options. Packs remain at decent prices anyway. Finally, a little detail insignifinant, we regret the lack of strange acronym Adventure.
Moto-Station tries the BMW F 800 GS Adventure

Ergonomics - Privacy

Compared to the F 800 GS, the ergonomics of the Adventure version changes little, except for a much more comfortable seat. The protection, against, is way better on the Adventure version through the handguards and high bubble, well designed and equipped with baffles.
Moto-Station tries the BMW F 800 GS Adventure

Kerb Weight audited by Moto-Station:

F 800 GS Adventure: 240.6 pounds (109.4 kg AV, AR 131.2 kg), 229 kg announced
F 800 GS: 222.8 kg (102.6 kg AV, AR 120.2 kg), 214 kg announced with 240.6 pounds, the GS Adventure exceeds the standard of 17.8 pounds: The weight of accessories and unleaded more ... Note the weight distribution is also different with the added essence of GS Adventure, always at the back.

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