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Motorcycle tire test 2013: Michelin Anakee III (3)

To play at the forefront of the category of big road trails, high and new technology showcase holder manufacturers range segment, Michelin did not skimp on resources. Exit the technologies used on Anakee II 10 years old, the manufacturer is left almost from scratch to offer the Anakee III, a new tire that is intended for 90% road use and 10% off-road .
And what better challenge than to equip the OE standard meter of the class, the new BMW R 1200 GS ? Michelin ad indeed proudly after three and a half years of work and co-development with the German manufacturer, the French brand makes a technological leap that allows him to strap in 3 Anakee not less than 80% of the new GS factory outlets.
Michelin Anakee III has been designed for the 1200 GS "water", but it is also supposed to bring the best Michelin technology to the entire family trail, whether medium and large cars. The sudden plethora of sizes are available, including a 21 "front, radial or diagonal versions. All are expected to bring more longevity than the bestsellers of this market, but also better stability (single or double, with or without luggage) and increased ease of driving. This is what we could check on the roads in the region of the Algarve. Cap on Portugal!
Moto-Station try the Michelin Anakee III

His majesty is served!

In honor where honor, we begin our testing aboard the Queen Max trails, the BMW R 1200 GS 2013 . A motorcycle that we know well, having long frequented during our comparative wholesale trails 2013 . After riding the "flat fleet equipped with Metzeler Tourance Next, we are so connected to the road by three Michelin Anakee.
But more than making a hasty comparison between these two mounted - the driving conditions between Creuse Algarve being totally different effect - we will remember our first meeting with the three Anakee its reassuring character, not really even on dry pavement.
Launched at the heart of South Portugal eucalyptus forests, roads still dotted with patches of dew, grip offered by the Michelin Anakee III appears to be satisfactory, and the rise of optimal information to anticipate any cop.
Moreover, we urge the Vice reach the limits, to see our machines are equipped with traction control Our mistakes are forgiven without damage. Besides the compound of the tread 100% silica announced as catchier wet, stiffness and very rounded profile of the tire undoubtedly play an important role in giving us this feeling.
Returning to the Portimao circuit speed, the route is now completely dry and 80 kilometers from ideal next winding roads to take the state of sportsmanship Anakee 3.
Moto-Station try the Michelin Anakee III

More road than ever

The Anakee 3 is the road Anakee 2, with a grooving rate of 20%, whereas it was 30% on the Anakee 2. More importantly, it allows a more sporty driving sensations key. Whatever our frame - Honda Crosstourer 1200 , Triumph Tiger 800 , BMW R 1200 GS - its unique frame absorbs the sudden acceleration such as hard braking without deforming excessively.
But most impressive remains its behavior curve. Already putting on the very gradual angle easy entry. Once the big trail stalled on the track, the tire been neutral and offers comparable to a roadster up grip. Again its rigidity allows it to absorb the lateral force without much distortion and provides its sculptures offers more wide smooth surfaces on the shoulders.
With such a grip tread compound can imagine quite tender. Where our questions regarding the longevity of this new tire, although Michelin tries to reassure us on this point. According to studies conducted in-house, the Anakee III would be able to travel more miles than the Anakee II, and even 25% more than the Metzeler Tourance EXP (now replaced by the Tourance Next).
This latter result is certified by a study conducted by DEKRA, but obviously controlled by the Clermont manufacturer. We remain skeptical about the conclusions of this organization and therefore prefer to wait your feedback in the maxitest Moto-Station .
Moto-Station try the Michelin Anakee III

Sculptures in the sculpture

With its forms and unusual bleeding, composed of central strips bevelled, the Michelin Anakee 3 is pleasing to the eye but also through its "sculptures in the sculpture," which act like small claws, the Anakee II should provide even more contact wearing, but also on furniture surfaces.
Again, impossible for us to check: for this test trail, Bibendum had not planned to take us off the beaten track. Shame! Moreover, to meet the expectations of those who remain faithful to the true trail philosophy, Michelin Anakee d├ęgainera in June the Wild, a radial tire studs for use 50% road 50% off road.
Currently, our ultimate test focuses on the handling of the Anakee 3 and feeling transmitted by the front tire. The comparative workshop with Michelin Anakee II (same pressure checked) shows us that the Anakee III is more intuitive guide, and more reassuring to evolve from a tight to each other, the two leading really feel down when the angle exceeds 15 °.
Moto-Station try the Michelin Anakee III

Conclusion: Less versatile but more in tune with the times

If the Michelin Anakee 3 brings some comfort, our rolling on asphalt pace has revealed its sportiness. Its very good dynamic behavior on the road can make the best road building large modern trails. Unfortunately, we find that, given the previous generation, it loses its versatility.
With the upcoming release of the Anakee Wild, more likely to venture into the hollow roads, the choice seems clear Michelin and finally appropriate to user requests. With two references, the new French line is clear: The Anakee 3 for the road, the Wild Anakee for all land.

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