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Honda CRF250R 2014: Remeber


Price: € 8,090 (Price dismissed Red Frame € 7799 to August 9, 2013) Availability: Mid-September 2013 Colours: red 

Moto-Station tries Honda CRF250R 2014


Without undergoing revolution, the engine of the 2014 Honda CRF250R receives many changes. The gears of the gearbox expand to increase their resistance. This goes along with an expansion of crankcases.
radiators have been modified to improve air circulation and cooling system is also optimized with such a different connection between the radiators.
High Side engine, the new design of the piston pass the compression ratio from 13.2 to 13.5:1. Changing also in the cylinder head with a new shape for the intake and exhaust ducts.
The injection body is now identical to that of the CRF 450. Always on the side of the injection, Honda innovates inspired motorcycles official race. The fuel is injected in two stages - beware, this is not a dual injector as the Kawasaki KX250F - to optimize the air / fuel mixture and improve throttle response.
On the new Honda CRF 250, The dual exhaust is back. This technical solution had been used from 2006 to 2009, then set aside in 2010 to the arrival of the injection. This output helps balance the bike and stay in compliance with the noise regulations without affecting performance.
Moto-Station tries Honda CRF250R 2014


The 2014 Honda CRF250R chassis completely changes and adopts an aluminum frame sixth-generation, except for the lower cradle is identical to that of the CRF 450. This new framework aims to focus a little more weight and lower the center of gravity of the bike. The CRF 250 also gets a new stiffer swing to promote stability and traction arms.
Side suspensions, Honda remains faithful to Showa. The damper is anchored more on the frame and therefore shorter than 14 mm. Volume of the cylinder increases to increase the amount of oil. The fork gets new internal settings.
The hub of the rear wheel change, because of the new provision sprocket box. It is possible to adjust the rear wheel of the previous year by offsetting the crown shaft with a spacer of 3.5 mm (between the hub and rim) thinking to change the screws to have the necessary thread. The exterior of the CRF 250 is now the same as its big brother.
Moto-Station tries Honda CRF250R 2014

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