Sunday, 8 September 2013

Motorcycle tire test 2013: Dunlop Sportmax D212 GP Pro

This morning, the circuit Ferte-Gaucher drowned fog and drizzle. No luck, because if Moto-Station is installed on the Ile track cicruit LFG is to speak the powder! Or rather gum new Dunlop Sportmax D212 GP Pro, the new standard road racing certified manufacturer of Japanese-American, he places a cut above his bestseller Sportmax GP Racer D211 ... including at the level of the tariff.
As D211 is a reference for track cyclists lit (he also won our comparative Sport 2012 tires ), both for its durability grip that we have dreamed of a better weather to undermine this goes for motorcycles involved in Supersport and Superstock Championships. Patience, the sky seems to finally stand up. The static presentation that the staff Dunlop invites us now should allow the track to dry somewhat. Fingers crossed!
Moto-Station try the Dunlop Sportmax D212 GP Pro

Release the pressure!

The French tire market is in trouble. In short, in three years, there were down 250,000 units, or 25%. To gain market share manufacturers therefore need to innovate, says Francis Audefroy, head of Dunlop motorcycle division. Hence the rapid renewal of current ranges, all brands. So, in addition to the Sportmax GP Racer D211 which remains in the catalog (at least for the moment), the segment where Dunlop trusterait already 30 to 35% market share (internal statistics), the manufacturer offers a second reference, equipped with a more rounded profile (especially in front), but also a unique building as we shall see later.
The D212 is a dual-compound, but unlike the D211, it strenna a new generation of radial, with multiple webs disposed at an angle. This frame is covered with a seamless belt, allowing better control of the dynamic expansion of the tire. The D212 GP Pro and retain more shape, whatever the speed, temperature or stress imposed on the brake. Thus equipped, the air bag must be used with - very - low pressure (cold can get to 1.1 in the rear, 1.3 with electric blanket) in order to increase its footprint and optimize adhesion.
Moreover grip issue, to offer a wide choice to competitors, according to the event in which they are enrolled (qualification, sprint or endurance), the severity of the circuit and the ambient temperature, Dunlop offers no less than four mixes for the front tire to the rear and five (see table at the bottom of the article). For us today, the front is a No. 3, behind a 4 n. There is no good but the track dried. The back is firmly seated, the sharpened sliders, leave for our first ride in a GSX-R 1000 full handlebar to check what has just be said. Attack mode enabled!
Moto-Station try the Dunlop Sportmax D212 GP Pro

More agile

After an hour spent under blankets at 70 ° C, the D212 our test Gex are now operational. Some loops to remember the layout of the LFG system, and hand deliver the Japanese superbike, we are already in the thick of things, seeking copiously throttle. It must be said that the D212 instantly put at ease as they progress from the D211 in terms of the transmission of information. With a front tire perfectly round, sloping shoulders, setting the angle is more affluent. And the lean angle is impressive. I must say that the grip of his cut for compet is simply excellent tires, rear as before.
Braking in lumberjack fashion shows indeed an impressive grip prior to that we were not able to set default, unlike braking system of Gex him, much less enduring. The directivity is very good. Faced with its predecessor, the D212 GP Pro gaining maneuverability and makes the bike suddenly easier to take the apex, even keeping the brakes, or swinging from one corner to the other. On a LFG system certainly small, but very technical, this feature appears to us as its greatest asset.
Moto-Station try the Dunlop Sportmax D212 GP Pro

Dunlop D212 GP Pro: From the dumpling!

There is no traction control on the GSX-R 1000, yet full angle bottom two was beautiful twist the handle, the D212 GP Pro does not hide behind or on top also reports. To have the heart net, we now turn to the missile ground / ground made ​​in Munich, the BMW S1000RR in free version ready to deliver us his nearly 200 horsepower. Again we seek the limits of traction without finding actual failure. The carcass back 190 works, crashes, but the bike is welded to the floor. Sessions keep coming at the Honda CBR1000RR and other less powerful machines to check the agility of the new Dunlop tires. Suzuki GSX-R 750, GSR 750 roadster, again we see a good regularity in the performance offered by the new Dunlop envelopes.
It is 18 hours. The Ringmaster ordered the end of the tests. Since the beginning of the day the towers are chained without guests having to change our trains. Not bad! The D212 GP Pro here seem to have largely completed their mission. However, between the molten parts and large pellets gums which have settled over the entire width of the tires of Dunlop D212 S1000RR look rinsed. Are they finally persevere as the D211, which this feature was one of the highlights? We do not know for sure. To validate this, so we look forward to feedback that these users will be in the tire maxitest.
Moto-Station try the Dunlop Sportmax D212 GP Pro

Conclusion: Even more racing!

With their specific profile favoring angles taken or their impressive grip, the Dunlop D212 GP Pro appeared to us more efficient. Easier to handle than the D211, they should be enjoyed by drivers involved in WERC, or more commonly all hunters clock, happy to have several blends more or less members, but it is easy to imagine, also more or less enduring .


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