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Suzuki RM- Z 250 2013 : mechanical


cost: € 7,699 ( to 17/09/2012 )

hue: yellow and very dark

accessibility: late September, early October 2012


This is the side of the motor that operates the largest number of changes on the Suzuki RM- Z 250 2013 : specifications to optimize acceleration by supplying a faster throttle answer with an increase in power and torque in the midrange . He furthermore had to juggle FIM noise measures without compromising presentation. The yellow is equipped with a new consume system , whose collector is longer than 40 mm , while the quiet now embeds " diverters " gas internally.

The piston 250 is new , conceived from the facts and figures collected on the racing two wheelers . Lighter than 3% , it keeps the identical rigidity . The width of the evade is somewhat thinner , the shorter axis and the little end narrower. An internal strengthening rib appears inlet side for rigidity .

The profile of the camshaft intake and exhaust alterations on the Suzuki RM- Z 250 2013. The bend and raise bend of the camshaft intake is increased , the timing of the consume cam shaft is revised to achieve a better balance between presentation and ease of operation .

Suzuki furthermore revisions its electronic constituents , the RMZ 250 2013 receives a more mighty processor for motor management. This update rises the response to injection throttle for better gas inlet . The components are now sealed for increased opposition against water and mud. A new flywheel appeared , delivering more power to ease starting. Parameters revisited the ignition coil furthermore help encourage throttle response .

The Suzuki RM- Z 250 2013 obtains a new 5-speed transmission , equipped with a new cam assortment for correctness and smoothness when changing equipment. The clutch command scheme is also reviewed . The radiators of Suz ' obtain new fins promote chilling and new hoses more steady presentation but furthermore simpler to maintain . Finally, for more reliability , a new magnetic oil strainer was introduced.

The chassis

except alterations are made ​​to the frame of the Suzuki RM- Z 250 2013. However the frame and back frame are perfected with the target optimized balance. New engine climbing on brackets emerge , the rigidity of the assembly has been revised . With alterations to the rear border , a new air box is in location , combined with a new intake duct .

As for suspensions, we note the appearance of a new fork : the Showa distinct discovered on the current Kawasaki KX250F features . In alignment to adapt to alterations in the chassis , the damper is furthermore reviewed, new backgrounds and new connection to the key. eventually, it is now the Dunlop MX 51 Geomax fitted to Suzuki RM- Z 2013.

Motorcycle tire Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact M / O, it puts the (bi) gum

Sometimes, manufacturers demonstrate transparency for the smallest odd. Perhaps this is to articulate the format of the production of a new motorcycle exhaust, with go / day come back to Italy? Still, the mechanical managers of the Metzeler emblem opened their seminar issuing "With the appearance of Michelin Pilot street 3 , the sports exploring exhaust market was distressed, and recorded by the new Michelin achievement has compelled us to react, even though we currently had our own variety a great exhaust (in this case, the Metzeler Roadtec Z8 combine ) furthermore, we chose to evolve our sports motorcycle tire -. GT for him back the best " .

 So, the stage is set. With its proprietary expertise motorcycle tires cutting-edges, Michelin relied on greatest wet presentation. This approach, not just to display presentation under conditions of precarious grab, drew the attention of users bikers "every day" with directly evident innovation in the exhaust tread, while most competitors are altering their comparable models without disturbance. In addition, the Michelin navigate street 3 advantages of branding Pilot street 2 , reference in place among the radial motorcycle tires for a daily / road / games use.

Metzeler Roadtec Z8 combine M / O: bi gum rear silica before

It is therefore appreciated that it was unrealistic for Metzeler, which has a great status for motorcycle games GT exhausts, sit on the margins. Technicians house therefore revolved up their sleeves, spent numerous sleepless nights, testers used their leather and is the outcome for the end of 2012, a development soberly called Roadtec Z8 Interact M / O . For this first dynamic novelty Metzeler motorcycle tire test 2013, we were treated to the following protocol:
- A check circuit unchanging watering (the exhaust check Vizzola, Italy track beside Milan, belongs to by the Pirelli assembly) with different bikes all equipped with the new Metzeler Roadtec Z8 combine M / O in one meeting of 10 minutes on average for each form.

- Then, on the same circuit, a test with a Suzuki GSF 1250 Bandit equipped successively distinct tires or the new Metzeler Roadtec Z8 combine M / O and its major competitors. A meeting of about 10 minutes with each exhaust. We'll get right back on the findings we have chosen to retain this check.
- eventually, we conclude with a braking check with these Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact M / O on damp track at constant watering, mounted on a Honda CBR 600 F ABS equipped with a sensor for measuring the deceleration of 80 km / h to 5 km / h. This check will be three checks with three different exhausts: Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact M / O , Dunlop RoadSmart II (2) , Michelin Pilot street 3 . We come back to this test furthermore in a second article.
Roadtec Z8 combine M / A-proof BMW R 1200 RT, Kawasaki Versys 1000 Honda CB 1000 R. ..
In this first check Metzeler Roadtec Z8 combine M / O , we will contact the damp coating Vizzola. Technicians ask us if we desire a permanent watering (and thus constant through the sprinkler scheme and the recycling mesh) - left to get whipped the helmet by water jets! - Or if we prefer to stop watering, with the risk that the dry pathway. Neither one neither two, I increase on behalf of the assembly and demand a enduring watering.Five laps subsequent, my weighted blend of about 5 liters of water, I can notify you that I have made ​​enemies on that shot! The detail continues that the early meetings, it is very simple to glimpse the high grip track Vizzola. Nothing to do with the way basins rink circuit Dunlop Goodyear Mireval. Here, a Honda CB 1000 R commenced first base patina scarcely an unthinkable answer rink Mireval. The nonattendance (almost) bumps can not agitate motorcycles, abruptly, it takes self-assurance in discovering a Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact M / O very very simple to recognise.

Kawasaki Versys 1000 barely patina!

The directivity of the new exhaust is childish and rather neutral initiate the turn. anything floor form, the motorcycle check does not give the feeling of dropping or oppose. perfect for aligning the desired slow chicanes in the circuit route, and thus a good place for the first Metzeler Roadtec Z8 combine M / O .
braking at this time, we remain favorably shocked by the support that we can allow . eventually, the motor is very good, with motorcycles that do not skate online, or nearly never. This is particularly the case with the Kawasaki Versys 1000 , which initiates its anti skating on the "fat couple", second or bottom of the first (full release), a gap that has emerged to us with huge increases of (original Pirelli Scorpion Trail ), which in our wet winter rollings, skated very effortlessly. When inquired, the drivers in Metzeler technicians we do not conceal the detail that Delta was important.

Conclusion: The presentation consistency

What appears at the end of the first test release of Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact M / O is the homogeneity of the new motorcycle exhaust: the front guide effortlessly, do not ride high, while the sculpture is adequately evacuate water to help the back tire "motricer", it organises very well to do. The stages are progressive tilt. We appreciate being adept to easily move the two wheeler still in the winding portions, while residual neutral to trigger the turn. Braking brings self-assurance, since the Metzeler Roadtec Z8 combine M / O works long before the ABS is triggered, late to the front exhaust. With such performance in the damp, Metzeler Roadtec Z8 combine M / O will likely reassuring bikers every day and this is where the first of a street bike exhaust aspiration.
continues to consolidate these first good effects of exhaust trade in the long period, so as to identify their potential in periods of longevity in specific, a issue on which Metzeler broadcasts that favoured consistency of presentation rather than endurance mileage. furthermore, we will need to conclude on the presentation of the new Roadtec Z8 combine M / O on dry roads, an natural environment where the manufacturer broadcasts a better obviously perceptive. To do this, you have on engine a dedicated survey users, the maxitest that permits you go in your own opinions on hundreds of quotations to motorcycle exhausts, arranged by brand / model. In a couple of thousand miles, so we invite you to give your attitude on the Roadtec Z8 Interact M / O in maxitest exhaust here . Until then, good road and good test!

Suzuki RM-Z 450 2013: Technical


Price: € 8,199 (to 19/09/2012) Color: yellow and black Availability: Immediate


The Suzuki RM-Z 450 2013 underwent a major facelift to the engine level including a strict diet to lose weight. The piston rod's axis and are redesigned. The new piston shape saves weight by 13% without sacrificing stiffness. The rod is also lighter. The piston pin receives treatment DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) similar to the suspension of the GSX-R 1300 Hayabusa . The axis is now shorter and lighter.
For 2013, we must also reckon with the new standards more stringent noise. The collector of the Suzuki RM-Z 450 is longer than 50 mm and the design incorporates silent "diverters" gas internally. For its part, the timing and the timing of the intake camshaft is redesigned so that the bike delivers a more linear power. If the supply chain remains the same, a new guide is born. The transmission is redesigned with some changes gear box and a new cam selection, more accurate and smooth to use.

Suzuki also updates its electronic components, the RM-Z 250 2013 receives a more powerful processor for engine management. This update increases the response to injection throttle for better gas inlet. The components are now sealed for increased resistance against water and mud. A new flywheel appeared, delivering more power to facilitate starting. Parameters revisited the ignition coil also help promote throttle response. The two engine plugs changing the behavior of RM-Z according to your desires and race conditions remain valid, but the handling is now faster and easier.

The chassis

The frame and the rear part of the Suzuki RM-Z 450 2013 are refined with the objective optimized balance. New engine mounting brackets appear, the rigidity of the assembly has been revised. With changes to the rear frame, a new air box is in place, combined with a new intake duct. As for suspensions, we note the arrival of a new fork: the Showa SFF separate functions that can be found on the current Kawasaki KX250F. In order to adapt to changes in the chassis, the damper is also reviewed, new settings and new link to the key.

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HM CRF 300 R 2013 Remeber


Price: € 8,899 (Price dismissed Red Riders: € 8,399 at 28/12/13) Availability: immediate Colours: red and white 

Moto-Station tries HM Honda CRF 300 R


Engine HM CRF 300 R is the basis for the CRF 250R: a compact single-cylinder 4-valve Unicam (titanium intake, steel exhaust) and liquid cooling. For 2013, Honda has just given him a few changes, particularly at the mapping. Injection without battery receives a new program to optimize power and torque at low and mid-range.
To ensure reliability, Honda remains faithful to the separate lubrication: on one side the engine oil, the other clutch. Thus, it does not pollute the engine residues lining his records. Already very successful on the noise issue, Honda is not resting on its laurels. The quiet of the CRF 250 R now has a new internal system "Triangle Punch" Honda patented a priori very effective to disperse the sound through glass wool.A decrease of 2 dB is recorded at high speed, without loss of performance.
Meanwhile, HM therefore replace the cylinder / piston material Vertex signed for it. The bore passes 76.8 mm to 83.0 mm, stroke is 53.8 mm. To monitor the maintenance of his motorcycle, HM 300 is equipped with a standard timer.
Moto-Station tries HM Honda CRF 300 R


The twin-spar aluminum frame of the fifth generation is still valid for this vintage 2013. Only the rigidity has been optimized to meet the characteristics of the new exhaust. Showa always provide suspensions, whose settings have been revised to optimize steering feel. The fork 48 mm diameter also sees its redesigned pistons. Steering damper (exclusive to Honda on a motorcycle TT series) increases in volume to enhance the damping at low speeds.
On HM CRF 300 R, Honda discs were preferred to Galfer wave signed. Better yet, the front 240 mm disc gives way to a model of 260 mm floating. A starter kit for locking the fork in the low position is standard and a handlebar without bar 28 mm in diameter. The bridges also offer a double offset. Finally HM FRC team a less messy than white black saddle slip.
Moto-Station tries HM Honda CRF 300 R

Triumph Daytona 675 R To Remember


Price: € 12,990 Colour: White Warranty: Two years parts and labor, unlimited mileage, assistance Triumph Availability: March 2011 

Moto-Station try the Triumph Daytona 675 R

Equipment - Manufacturing

Triumph has not changed the line of the Daytona 675 R. It stands out with a specific and unique livery, made ​​of white, black and red threads. Loop back frame is painted red. It receives carbon accessories such as thermal protection exhaust, front fender and rear dressing dashboard. The dashboard is changing somewhat, with a digital window that lack of clarity. Include a gear position indicator, two trips, the engine temperature, stopwatch ... The tachometer needle classic is more readable. It is surmounted by a string of blue LEDs that serves shift light. It's very visual in action.
Like previous models, the practical aspects are missing: no safe in the course saddle and a rather symbolic protection. For once, this R version, Triumph could also offer a silent Arrow approved ideally complement the package. The wheels are those of the standard version. Triumph considered a time to get the wheels in magnesium, but the weight saving was not significant and the price too high. The steering damper is the same as the standard version, but Ohlins trying to find a specific item for this Daytona Triumph and offer a relevant cost.
Moto-Station try the Triumph Daytona 675 R


It is identical to the standard Daytona 675, which has received a lot of improvements in 2009. There is always a line 3-cylinder 675 cm3, ultra compact, with ribs supporting the bore (74 mm x 52.3 mm stroke). Water-cooled, with 12 valves, it also has a forced air intake. He received a Keihin, triple butterflies, 44 mm in diameter.
This injection system has a mechanism to allow a slightly open butterflies dlors closures accelerator at high speed. This is to give an effect of "light throttle" entries in fast corners, and thus dispense with a mechanical slipper mounted on the clutch. It's pretty compelling to use. This complex system, which also uses the services of lighting, appeared on the 2009 model. It has been refined with the arrival of the shifter. The racing kit of the brand still has a slipper clutch.
Moto-Station try the Triumph Daytona 675 R

The changes are very visual. The inverted Kayaba fork 41 mm series gives way to a Ohlins NIX30 of type 43 mm, requiring a change in the triple clamps. It is adjustable for preload, rebound and compression. As with al Yamaha R1, for example, the functions of expansion and compression are separated, sitting on each tube.
These settings are accessible at the top of the fork tube. Integrating cartridges 30 mm, it has a depression and a very progressive relaxation. This fork is specific to the Daytona 675 R and can not be controlled with Ohlins unit. The rear shock is a TTX36 model, well-known competition. It is adjustable for preload, rebound and compression. Both hydraulic settings are easily accessible at the top of the shock absorber: ideal setting to change between the two sets of towers. The brake calipers are radially mounted Brembo Monobloc. They replace Nissin the standard version. The master cylinder Brembo 18 mm replaces Nissin 19mm.
Despite transplant these hi-tech elements, geometry values ​​do not change and remain among the most compact of its kind: 1395 mm wheelbase, 23 , 9 ° angle of steering column and 185 kg fully fueled announced as the standard version: according to Triumph, the Brembo carbon and the Ohlins R offset the heavier elements.
Moto-Station try the Triumph Daytona 675 R

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Motorcycles Zero S and DS-2013: Remeber


Price: € 13,995 (ZF8.5), € 15,995 (ZF11.4) Colour: Black, yellow (S), orange and khaki (DS) Warranty: 2 years parts and labor, unlimited mileage Availability: Immediate 

Moto-Station try the Zero S and DS 2013

Engine and battery

The Zero S and DS are available in two versions, depending on the capacity of the battery (lithium-ion voltage from 102 volts). The ZF8.5 is capable of delivering a power of 8.5 kWh and 11.4 kWh for ZF11.4 given. These maintenance-free battery and no memory effect (they tolerate and manage partial refills) are designed to 3000 full charge cycles, a theoretical lifetime of 415,000 km for the ZF8.5 and 552,000 km for the ZF11. 4.
What come see! A simple socket (connector in the frame above the deck left driver) can fully charge in 6 hours (ZF8.5) to 8:00 (ZF11.4). However, in the thirty stations with CHAdeMO taken (list available on the Internet), 1 hour is sufficient to reach 95%.
Z-Force engine 75-7 is the most powerful and most compact brushless motors (brushless) air cooled. His life is equivalent to that of batteries. Side performance, it delivers 40 kW (about 54 hp) and an impressive torque of 92Nm.
controller and controller are integrated, as well as the charger power 1.3kW. All these elements are sealed and bear the heavy rains: no need to worry, there is no risk of electrocution. The motor is connected directly to the rear wheel without clutch via a maintenance-free belt with an automatic tensioner.
Good news, these bikes can be driven by holders of A2 license as for electrical machines, the legislation takes account the average power (16kW) and not max (40kW).
Moto-Station try the Zero S and DS 2013

Automonie theoretical (S / DS)

CityHighway (89km / h)CombinedHighway (113km / h)Combined
ZF8.5166 km/153 miles103 km/92 miles127 km/114 miles85 km/74 miles113 km/100 miles
ZF11.4220 km/203 miles137 km/122 miles169 km/153 miles113 km/98 miles150 km/132 miles


The frame and swing arm of Zero uses aluminum. In addition to the double side beams, a lower cradle allows the attachment of additional elements. Back loop welded to the main portion, is of the same metal. The motor and batteries are compact enough, the frame is also giving a thin and narrow machine. The center of gravity is not very high and well centered masses. This allows a healthy and dynamic behavior.Coupled with a wheelbase of 412mm 1 (for S, 433mm and 1 for the DS), a rake of 23.3 ° (26 ° for the DS) and hunting (79 mm to 113 mm DS) it gives a cocktail agility and effective liveliness.
The width of the Zero S tires (front 110 mm against 130 in the rear, 17-inch) also facilitates changes angles. These dimensions rather common open to the Zero S a wide choice of tires mounted. The Zero DS is itself equipped with 19-inch wheels in front and 17 rear, pavements 100 and 130 mm. To suspend this little world, inverted fork (deflections of 140 mm for S, 178 mm for the DS) is adjustable for preload, compression and rebound damping as well as the (149 mm and 195 mm travel). The latter is mounted directly, without reference rods.
Listed brakes is Nissin was chosen by Zero, with a 310mm disc with dual-piston caliper at the front and a 220 mm disc with single bracket piston rear. No ABS system is not available at the moment.
The total weight of the Zero S is 173 kg when ZF11.4 and 159 kg for ZF8.5. The Zero DS is slightly heavier (179 kg and 165 kg). Both bikes are a total load about 170 kg. Note that the weight does not affect the engine power: only autonomy is reduced due to the extra weight. A good point.
Moto-Station try the Zero S and DS 2013


The instrument uses a classic block with a central tachometer needle surrounded by a liquid crystal screen right (combining speed, battery gauge, odometer and two trip partial) and classical group of lights left ... no neutral light, of course! Above the tachometer sits a large light-up green when the machine is ready to roll. Practice. It is however unfortunate that the needle of the tachometer, which rises and falls without indicating anything really specific, was not quite used to display the instantaneous torque delivered by the engine ...
Moto-Station try the Zero S and DS 2013

Smartphone Connectivity

One of the features of Zero is the ability to connect your bluetooth iOS or Android smartphone to your bike, via a dedicated application. Besides the large amount of displayable information (speed, battery level, remaining until full charge, number of cycles already completed, miles or time remaining before the "dry down" torque value supplied battery voltage time ... ), it is possible to configure the Eco mode as desired.Through simple sliders, you can set the torque, the engine brake, maximum speed ... Interesting, useful and really well thought out.
Listed gadget, you can specify a value of consumption of a thermal vehicle and display liters of fuel saved and CO2 emissions avoided. Will swell the pride of eco-citizen you sleep! In case of problems with the bike, finally, a button to send the data directly to the machine zero for expertise and research of solution or come into contact with telephone technical assistance. Still a good idea ...
Moto-Station try the Zero S and DS 2013


- Kit taken CHAdeMO + Quick-charging 
- Windscreen / Windshield 
- Luggage Set top box and Givi hard or soft 
- Heated grips 
- 12 V socket or USB GPS and smartphone 
- handlebar holder for smartphone 
- Handwraps ( DS) 
- clutch options to customize performance 
- clothing lines 
Read more at 

Ducati test Hyperstrada: The Hypermotard daily

The vintages follow and it is always surprising efforts by Ducati to try to impose the kind supermotard. Since the first of its kind, the Hypermotard 1100, launched in 2007, Bologna then perseveres that sales of such motorcycles show at least irregular from one country to another. For 2013, we are entitled to a brand new Ducati Hypermotard family. It has three models built around a motor / common chassis that incorporates a new water-cooled 821 cm3 engine.
Hypermotard 2013 The Hypermotard therefore rubs the SP - its high performance relative - and Hyperstrada tested today. Small fixed windshield, center stand and panniers series: Ducati, it's called a City Commuter, a sort of supermoto daily. Alternative to the KTM 990 SMT , Ducati Multistrada 1200 downsizée ... there are many ways to see this bike. But this new Hyperstrada should quickly take the lead in sales of the brand in France.
Moto-Station tries Ducati Hyperstrada

Comfortable Supermoto

In her white dress, the Ducati Hyperstrada this well and shows the recent aesthetic codes Ducati which quite close to that of the Multistrada beak. This is a moment that Ducati is working on manufacturing quality:. Materials and assembly are again very satisfactory
with the saddle at 850 mm from the ground, the Hyperstrada rivals trails medium capacity market. The seat is wide and is immediately comfortable, thanks to the bead that can provide lower back. With 1.70 m in the fathom, I put toes on each side. The raised handlebars, finally, gives the Hyperstrada more upright posture.
Contact. The twin Testastretta 11 ° second generation snorts in a flattering exhaust sound. It cracks generously to the throttle, choke before gradually in the midrange. The handling is downright easy: the Hyperstrada is a lightweight motorcycle with soft controls, including clutch.
Nevertheless, several small things that we interviewed during the test of the Hypermotard 2013 , remember our good memories. The passage of the first two reports is a stiff hair, as well as the downshift, it must accompany when we go down in seconds.
then the position is on the front, as often this type of motorcycle. We really feel like sitting on the handlebar, like on a Husqvarna Nuda 900 . Braking finally comes standard with an adjustable and detachable ABS, is a bit too abrupt start of the race. It's embarrassing to peaceful pace causing a little kick in the crotch.
Moto-Station tries Ducati Hyperstrada

Modern and efficient, the 821 Testastretta

Our test is conducted on the Island of Beauty and our opener is none other than Bruno Langlois, Ducati in road rally and representing the brand at the legendary Pikes Peak. The guy has put together an itinerary with onions, with special auto and motorcycle rallies: foam, gravel, holes, cant, Hyperstrada will be entitled to all! From the outset, we rediscover the new engine has a nice range, especially for mechanical Ducati.
It can go down to 2000 rev / min on the reports used on the road and leave without knocking. 3 500 r / min to 6 500 r / min, he shows a great force and feeling pretty torque allows overtaking, without having to open wide. Approval side, there are also a very good calibration of the electronic throttle, which faithfully responds to commands from the right hand. When wound, the motor is round and soft. When it opens wide, the bike jumps instantly. It is accurate.
Technically more modern than the air-cooled unit, the new Testastretta 11 ° proves far more quick to climb the towers, with a nice boost at high speed, which pait up front and the rear wheel spinning wheel if you disconnect the traction control. We expected this increased mechanical vivacity, and it is obvious that there are 106 horses.
Efficient, sure, this modern engine may regret will be a couple of tractor Desmodue 1100. 257 cm3 with less, it is to be expected. However, the new twin is not sharp, however, and take in high revs not add much, except that it accepts to find easily exercise. The beach is the most efficient in the area of the 5 000 to 8 000 r / min or current regimes.
Moto-Station tries Ducati Hyperstrada

More agile than stable

Throughout our journey, we take the winding and fast sections. There Ducati unveils Hyperstrada design choices. Directional stability in high-speed line is improved, tacking as soon as the bike hangs a little so as to handle. This is not really surprising: the Aprilia Dorsoduro and other Husqvarna Nuda suffer the same ripples.
stability on the corner in the beautiful curves depends largely on the speed: at 120 km / the Hyperstrada is a rail, but sense of confidence decreases slightly with the increase in speed. And in many of our courses S, the Hyperstrada was less accurate than pure sports roadster:. They can match a Triumph Street Triple R or Ducati Monster 1100 Evo in terms of investment
security is still good, but it is taking very winding roads that we can better understand some of the choices of geometry. On twisty county if it is difficult to exceed 60 km / h, the Ducati Hyperstrada reveals a formidable agility, which allows to catch bad situations involved, in extremis to correct a trajectory to avoid the local wildlife - wild pigs, lazy cows, goats reckless ... -. Example
The 204 kg fully fueled announced also participate in the fun side of Hyperstrada changing support ... hyperfacilement! On a special Rally Corsica, the suspensions are put to the test, and the center stand will hit the ground more than once in the deep road irregularities. No bars shake for all: the Hyperstrada is healthy. However, in control mode, if the saddle suitable for road use, becomes a handicap for its design limits movement. This recalls the KTM 690 Duke on which you can wiggle at will. Still, the fun is, undoubtedly.
Moto-Station tries Ducati Hyperstrada

Conclusion: To play and roll

Back to the hotel to a more normal pace. Between showers, the Ducati Hyperstrada demonstrates its general ease, good comfort saddle and suspension. The small windscreen makes no miracle at most he relieves a little bust.
Audiences are well made, with traction control and ABS fairly progressive, including gravel. Disconnected, these two audiences are adjustable and can be stored at selected levels. But then you stop and navigate the menus to change.
pleasant surprise, large panniers can accommodate a full-face helmet and some trinkets each and s'ôtent easily. After this test, the Ducati Hyperstrada appears as a custom motorcycle to roll over and play a custom motorcycle to ride and play. Dominates the fun, but it is tinged with versatility.
remains a price of € 12,790 fully equipped (luggage, center stand, Ducati Safety Pack), which puts it in rival many bikes offer the same philosophy: KTM 990 SMT , Triumph Tiger 800 and even Honda Crossrunner . A niche for the least played!