Monday, 16 September 2013

Suzuki RM- Z 250 2013 : mechanical


cost: € 7,699 ( to 17/09/2012 )

hue: yellow and very dark

accessibility: late September, early October 2012


This is the side of the motor that operates the largest number of changes on the Suzuki RM- Z 250 2013 : specifications to optimize acceleration by supplying a faster throttle answer with an increase in power and torque in the midrange . He furthermore had to juggle FIM noise measures without compromising presentation. The yellow is equipped with a new consume system , whose collector is longer than 40 mm , while the quiet now embeds " diverters " gas internally.

The piston 250 is new , conceived from the facts and figures collected on the racing two wheelers . Lighter than 3% , it keeps the identical rigidity . The width of the evade is somewhat thinner , the shorter axis and the little end narrower. An internal strengthening rib appears inlet side for rigidity .

The profile of the camshaft intake and exhaust alterations on the Suzuki RM- Z 250 2013. The bend and raise bend of the camshaft intake is increased , the timing of the consume cam shaft is revised to achieve a better balance between presentation and ease of operation .

Suzuki furthermore revisions its electronic constituents , the RMZ 250 2013 receives a more mighty processor for motor management. This update rises the response to injection throttle for better gas inlet . The components are now sealed for increased opposition against water and mud. A new flywheel appeared , delivering more power to ease starting. Parameters revisited the ignition coil furthermore help encourage throttle response .

The Suzuki RM- Z 250 2013 obtains a new 5-speed transmission , equipped with a new cam assortment for correctness and smoothness when changing equipment. The clutch command scheme is also reviewed . The radiators of Suz ' obtain new fins promote chilling and new hoses more steady presentation but furthermore simpler to maintain . Finally, for more reliability , a new magnetic oil strainer was introduced.

The chassis

except alterations are made ​​to the frame of the Suzuki RM- Z 250 2013. However the frame and back frame are perfected with the target optimized balance. New engine climbing on brackets emerge , the rigidity of the assembly has been revised . With alterations to the rear border , a new air box is in location , combined with a new intake duct .

As for suspensions, we note the appearance of a new fork : the Showa distinct discovered on the current Kawasaki KX250F features . In alignment to adapt to alterations in the chassis , the damper is furthermore reviewed, new backgrounds and new connection to the key. eventually, it is now the Dunlop MX 51 Geomax fitted to Suzuki RM- Z 2013.

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