Thursday, 12 September 2013

HM CRF 300 R 2013 Remeber


Price: € 8,899 (Price dismissed Red Riders: € 8,399 at 28/12/13) Availability: immediate Colours: red and white 

Moto-Station tries HM Honda CRF 300 R


Engine HM CRF 300 R is the basis for the CRF 250R: a compact single-cylinder 4-valve Unicam (titanium intake, steel exhaust) and liquid cooling. For 2013, Honda has just given him a few changes, particularly at the mapping. Injection without battery receives a new program to optimize power and torque at low and mid-range.
To ensure reliability, Honda remains faithful to the separate lubrication: on one side the engine oil, the other clutch. Thus, it does not pollute the engine residues lining his records. Already very successful on the noise issue, Honda is not resting on its laurels. The quiet of the CRF 250 R now has a new internal system "Triangle Punch" Honda patented a priori very effective to disperse the sound through glass wool.A decrease of 2 dB is recorded at high speed, without loss of performance.
Meanwhile, HM therefore replace the cylinder / piston material Vertex signed for it. The bore passes 76.8 mm to 83.0 mm, stroke is 53.8 mm. To monitor the maintenance of his motorcycle, HM 300 is equipped with a standard timer.
Moto-Station tries HM Honda CRF 300 R


The twin-spar aluminum frame of the fifth generation is still valid for this vintage 2013. Only the rigidity has been optimized to meet the characteristics of the new exhaust. Showa always provide suspensions, whose settings have been revised to optimize steering feel. The fork 48 mm diameter also sees its redesigned pistons. Steering damper (exclusive to Honda on a motorcycle TT series) increases in volume to enhance the damping at low speeds.
On HM CRF 300 R, Honda discs were preferred to Galfer wave signed. Better yet, the front 240 mm disc gives way to a model of 260 mm floating. A starter kit for locking the fork in the low position is standard and a handlebar without bar 28 mm in diameter. The bridges also offer a double offset. Finally HM FRC team a less messy than white black saddle slip.
Moto-Station tries HM Honda CRF 300 R

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