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Test Triumph Hurricane X-75: Like a Hurricane

After many adventures and in total secrecy, the Triumph X-75 goes into production in 1972 at the same time BSA bankrupt. The X75 Hurricane was the last Beeza manufactured in the factories of Birmingham Small Arms, only 1154 copies. That's the story. Take today's riding a Triumph Hurricane X-75 Hurricane is therefore the privilege, we have not been able to resist.
Moto-Station trying Triumph Hurricane X-75

Quite a stroke of a pen!

In reality, this is just another Hurricane BSA Rocket III and restyled with a five-speed gearbox. Rather transformed: the slender hull tank-seat fiberglass, extended to "beef up" the engine, the black cylinder block, Borrani alloy rims, a headlight bracket shaped sling, tees fork alloy cylinder head , counters and some extra chrome accented were enough to pass the Jurassic Rocket to Stars War!
chopperisant His design then hustled decades of classicism. Triumph Hurricane vies with Harley-Davidson Super Glide 1971 as the first factory custom history, a revolution - but a big flop - forty years ago. She knew not the expected and faced the onslaught of big, reliable Japanese four-cylinder and the oil shock of the 70s success. Bottom line, the X75 Hurricane sold very poorly.
His evocative shapes, almost feminine, could earn him another small hurricane name. With its right flank, three megaphones bunk style dirt-track, it is this English devilishly sexy! It has only one desire: to go a little trip to the country. Everything is green: one owner - a friend - who trust us, a fully restored machine starting at first kick (almost) a glorious weather and noise ... but noise!
Moto-Station trying Triumph Hurricane X-75

The song inimythable 3 legs

That gurgling at low speeds, it growl a little higher, then the song that roar in the towers ... bewitching! There is no equivalent, I love. First and I was off. Accelerations have lost their strength with the years, but served by a short ratio, its good length and melody, the Triumph Hurricane retains a large power of seduction. We spell it backwards more by desire than need 4th or 3rd, to revive the long-stroke engine and hear his breath. The wasp waist allows mounting the suction sounds of carbs to the headset and see the engine from the tank (steel, capped by the hull), and thighs. And if the speed of the right foot (first down) will show soft, clutch diaphragm turns less friendly.
As long as you do not exceed 85 mph (140 km / h), the stability is good in Despite the large U.S. handlebar and fork long. Agility more than 100 km / h and brakes date the X75 Hurricane, as its heaviness off. The two drum brakes, poor to very spongy bumps orders do not encourage fast driving. Reason to anticipate, stay tuned to the bike and enjoy the best. Despite the concessions made ​​to the design, once ensconced in the seat bottom, the position is very nice to ride cushy, even with feet too wide apart. The X75 invites cruising and offers a simple happiness ...
Moto-Station trying Triumph Hurricane X-75

Conclusion: A legend who deserves

The icon is now worth its weight in peanuts and more: from 20 000 to € 30 000 depending on the state. Obviously my banker does not agree then I console myself with unalterable memories. That being said, who wants a Triumph X75 Hurricane will have patience and a lot of euros. The 1154 Triumph Hurricane X-75 produced, 1027 were sold in the U.S., 39 in Canada, 34 in the UK, the rest in New Zealand and Italy.In France ... nothing at the time, but there would now be 15 to 20 copies circulating right. You still want to try your luck? Reserve yours at the Touraine specialist Yves Delamarre, which manages to get two a year!

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