Sunday, 8 September 2013

2014 Husaberg TE range: Remeber

Husaberg TE 300 2014

Availability: June 2013 Current Price: € 8,330 (to 01/06/2013) Colour: Blue 

Moto-Station trying to Husaberg TE range 2014


Suspension settings for all 2014 Husaberg 2-stroke models have been changed, but improvements in WP PDS shock does not stop there:. Changing seals has been simplified and adjusted preload
Also exclusive to Husaberg reverse WP closed cartridge fork 4CS has been reworked in order to increase its life while improving performance and simplifying adjustment and maintenance. The springs can now be replaced without special equipment.
's CNC machined triple clamps a makeover with lower attachments redesigned to provide a more regular force transmission between tees and fork tubes. Finally, the plug-quarter of a turn is reviewed for easier opening.
Moto-Station trying to Husaberg TE range 2014


Husaberg 125, 250 and 300 TE exchange their reed valve V-Force3 for Boyensen model. This change goes hand in hand with new carburettor settings.
The 250 and 300 have their modified to optimize the combustion chamber and while the ignition mapping is revised cylinder head. Also on these two models only, the battery has been changed to a more powerful.
Clutch diaphragm spring is now current on the 250 and 300, the 125 TE remaining faithful to conventional spring system. The hydraulic control of the 125 is signed Magura while it is Brembo handles everything on the other two TE.
Moto-Station trying to Husaberg TE range 2014

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