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950R and Yamaha XV950: Remeber


Availability: September 2013 Price: between 8000 and € 8500 for the XV950, + € 700 for XV950R (estimate MS) Warranty: 2 years parts and labor, unlimited mileage Colour: black or white; R: gray mat or green 

Moto-Station try the Yamaha XV950 (R)


Derived from the engine of Yamaha XVS 950 Midnight Star, V-twin 60 ° 942 cm2 cooled air XV950 gaining torque (0.27 Nm), but loses power (- 1.9 hp .). In the end, power is 52.1 c. (38.3 kW) at 5500 r / min and maximum torque of 7.95 daN (8.10 kgm) at 3000 rev / min. This engine has cylinders coated composite ceramic combustion chambers pentagonal and forged aluminum pistons.
Admission and air filter also differ from those of the Midnight Star. More compact, placed the box on the right displays a volume of 2.3 liters and participate in the improvement of the couple. To meet the requirements of the new intake system, the injection mapping logically evolve, with the direct consequence a better response at low and midrange. These new settings also reduce fuel requirements. The exhaust 2-in-1 is the last element involved in the mechanical performance of the acoustic friendly.
To ensure changes more flexible reports, and thus reduce the "clonk" feature on this type of engine to the passage of speeds, note the presence of a new rubber damper integrated into the clutch mechanism. We find no balancer on the rigid-mounted engine of the Yamaha XV950. This reduces the inertia of the block, thus reinforcing its character without the vibrations do not present too. The final drive is provided by a new type of belt narrower than before carbon (21 mm).
Moto-Station try the Yamaha XV950 (R)


The double cradle steel frame new Yamaha XV950 XV 950 and R Bolt is built in one piece, without a separate assembly at the rear loop. This frame is suspended from the front by a hydraulic fork with 41 mm in diameter, with a good 120 mm.
At the rear, the standard adopts a combination of shock absorbers with short answer is a little dry. R version with separate accessories (type piggy back) cylinder is logically better damped.
At the center of beautiful black 12-spoke wheels are installed floating discs petals sporty style. At the front and rear, they measure 298 mm. We found it easily enough bite and measurable braking. ABS is optional on the standard version, standard on versions R.
A 19-inch wheel is installed at the front, 16 inch rear. The handling of the XV950 is favored by its short wheelbase 1570 mm. Bridgestone Exedra tires in our test frame we appeared perfectly suited to this new custom, especially in sport mode.
Moto-Station try the Yamaha XV950 (R)

Equipment - Manufacturing

Yamaha XV950 is a beautiful machine to manufacture neat. Painting body parts or engine block exudes quality. The fenders are metal and we appreciate the generally horizontal line of the machine, as the small round LED light and headlight matched.
Line Black exhaust is embellished with metal buttons on the rear cylinder (logically shifted to the left), one mounted on the rocker bar to avoid burns from the inside of the left knee.
's 12 liter tank-shaped drop of water, the small curved handlebars and the shape of the seat are some very catchy elements visually. Modern side, the Japanese custom neo-retro is equipped with LED rear and minimalist LCD counter (without tachometer), which information moves through a stalk attached to the right button. R models are equipped with a carved saddle which the coating has a suede finish.
Moto-Station try the Yamaha XV950 (R)

Accessories manufacturer

To complete the style, sound or protection of new Japanese custom, Yamaha has developed a catalog of accessories provided. There are for example:
- Akrapovic slip-on exhaust
- Bulle
- Stiletto Saddle
- Saddle spring
- high performance protection for air filter
- spoked wheels
- Fork Protectors
Moto-Station try the Yamaha XV950 (R)

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