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Yamaha YZ250F 2014 To remember


Price: € 8,190 (€ 7,799 price licensee) Availability: October 2013 Colour: Racing Blue and White Sport 

Moto-Station tries Yamaha YZ250F 2014
Alexander Kowalski, Director Communication Marketing competition and Yamaha France - but also Motocross driver who did not hesitate to put the boots jostling with reporters - we present the changes to the new 2014 Yamaha YZ250F.
Moto-Station tries Yamaha YZ250F 2014

The engine is brand new, with many major changes. Finally we have electronic fuel injection we waited for the YZ250F. This is big news for 2014. Lubrication is now wet sump. Before it was dry sump, it is also a big step.
importantly, here we take technology 450 YZ-F, namely an inverted engine ie instead of out through the before the exhaust out through the rear of the engine. The exhaust elbow toured the cylinder end at the muffler.
ratios gearbox also change, and the radiators are refined. In weight, it has won a nearly a kilo on the bike. But as the tank capacity increases a liter, it is almost the same weight all full facts last year.
Moto-Station tries Yamaha YZ250F 2014


It has also worked on the design of the bike, which is now very close to that of the 450 YZ-F. The lightweight frame is also identical to that of the 450. Always in the same spirit, Yamaha has worked on weight distribution in order to reduce and refocus the center of gravity in order to have a better agreement between the front and rear.
An operation that is especially made ​​possible by the location of the new tank, which is no longer on the front but the center of the bike. This implies other changes such as the air filter, previously located under the seat at the shock. It is now found in place of the old tank, just behind the steering column.
Yamaha focused on ease of access to the filter, simply remove three screws for quick access to the air filter. Always the practical side, removing the saddle and the filter, it is possible to easily remove the tank to access the damper or the valve cover.
The front and rear suspensions receive some internal changes. These affect the ergonomics had to be reviewed. There has therefore a very flat and a handlebar which bridges are fixed on silent sitting.
Moto-Station tries Yamaha YZ250F 2014

Availability and special rates

Yamaha YZ250F 2014 will be available in France in all Yamaha concessions from October. This year we set up specific conditions of price, since redundant (FFM or UFOLEP) will have a pack lubricant (engine oil and filter box), the brake and clutch, a selector, a filter both air and oil filters to start his season at best. The price for licensees will be € 7,799, if the "normal" price remains the same as last year: € 8,190.

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