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Sym Wolf 250 SBI: Remeber

Sym Wolf 250 SBI: Remeber


Price: € 3,999 (to 12/08/2013) Color: white or black Warranty: Two years parts and labor, unlimited mileage 

Moto-Station trying Sym Wolf 250 SBI


Compact enough, the cylinder of the Sym Wolf 250 SBI still has cooling ducts very present, especially on the right side of the engine. Radiator, also quite large, is concealed by scoops reminiscent frankly those of Honda CB1000R . Equipped with four-valve, electronic injection, and a balancer shaft, the engine loads all the modern technologies.
Warming up is quite long and the system remains high for a moment before returning to idle usual. The absence of idle adjustment is not possible to work on this aspect, and only a Sym technician can do this by changing the injection parameters and ECU. Anyway, it seems normal operation: Past this point, the regularity of this mechanism is very good, almost no heating cylinder also in circulation.
Sym France also states that this engine has been especially treated in compliance with the standards of the average consumer, it is true, very low: 2.1 l/100 km on average. This explains, perhaps, its maximum power in the low average category with 25 horses to 7500 rev / min.
Moto-Station trying Sym Wolf 250 SBI


The cover will hide the ubiquitous steel frame type diamond. Fairly rigid, it is supported by a rectangular steel swing arm classic style. Suspensions, some farms are not in the bidding: classic fork and monoshock without links.
Originality comes more from: discs petals and front brake caliper 4 piston radial please! There are roadsters middleweight who are not entitled to it. But all that glitters is not gold, and the brake caliper with four pistons do not whistle in action like an Italian sports car.
For cons, the progressivity is against the appointment and Sym Wolf 250 SBI may stop short when fired frankly two fingers on the lever. The ABS is not currently scheduled. We weighed the Sym Wolf 250 SBI 174.8 pounds fully fueled (83.8 kg AV, AR 91 kg).
Moto-Station trying Sym Wolf 250 SBI

Equipment - Manufacturing

Beautifully packaged in a modern way covering Honda CB1000R , the Sym Wolf 250 SBI has a nice build quality or a certain robustness with paint a priori insensitive to minor scratches. Some details are annoying as a rim of tank too long and poorly trimmed.
Handlebar grips are low-quality and nice design of the rims is quite rude. In contrast, there is a adjustable brake lever gauge in a comprehensive dashboard with fuel gauge (accurate), partial trips, clock and gear indicator. Not bad! With a center stand and a control warnings, equipment was complete.
Moto-Station trying Sym Wolf 250 SBI

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