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Test Boss Hoss V8 2013: We drove the biggest motorcycle in the world!

Always in search of the most unusual on the station motorcycles, this time we opened the door of the new Boss Hoss importer in France. A company that now sells home the most monstrous of American motorcycles series ever produced! Certainly the most powerful too. Moto-Station is gone to meet Eric Vincent, new provider of these incredible machines not widespread in Europe and even less in France ...
Moto-Station try the Boss Hoss 2013
Heavy: nearly 500 hp under the handle twice the power of a Moto GP!

The American Dream

Dedication and courage have always Eric Vincent says he literally fell in love with the brand during his stay in the U.S., especially during Bike Week in Daytona. His idea of importing the Boss Hoss in France was too strong for him and his dream, he would have realized it. With the blessing of Boss Hoss Europe, Eric decided to venture into the country and import roadster mid size most monstrous series of customs.
For the record, the origin of the brand back to 1990. Monte Warne, a former plane and (therefore) fruitcake mechanical pilot decided to graft a small block Chevrolet V8 5.7 in a motorcycle frame custom made. The first models, although very artisanal, like a conquered by the sheer scale of the public beast: a brand was born. Well born! Today, the small plant in Dyersburg, Tennessee, produces between 230 and 250 Boss Hoss per year (!), All entirely hand-built by the 10 employees of the assembly line.
Moto-Station try the Boss Hoss 2013
Eric is official dealer and it also takes care of the maintenance of the park its bikes

Boss Hoss and French clamping ... Heresy?

Two models - LS3 and LS3 Super Sport - are French catalog, as well as trikes, another specialty of the house. Since the beginning of its activity, Eric has returned eight Boss Hoss, and sold four and a trike. He hopes to sell a dozen a year: not obvious because € 62,000 for the LS3 and € 65,000 for the Super Sport, it is expensive per kilo! And this without counting the many options that can raise prices more than € 100,000!
versions delivered in France of course develop 100 horsepower to comply with local legislation. But is not it heresy to ride with a Boss Hoss castrated to the point? Say greater the temptation for future owners to unleash their bike, the time the law was finally repealed 100 horsepower ... In January 2016. What cool potential customers? Eric did not think so, and advise them to get their hands on a flanged version, waiting for better days. By wisdom, but also caution.
Moto-Station try the Boss Hoss 2013
Try a Boss Hoss, a dream finally realized by yours truly

As a B52 ... but on two wheels

Following the recommendations for use, Eric, careful, invited me to try a Boss Hoss street legal, just to familiarize myself with the generous dimensions of the machine. The seat height of 710 mm to suit small to large templates as hefty but for the rest, it is the king. First lesson: start without dropping the bike on a stand, under penalty of immediate punishment! And once in control - or rather sitting on board, I would say - the show goes on.
Handlebar is approximately one meter wide tank 32 liters - which barely covers the arm end plugs cover the V8 - is topped with a sublime dashboard with multiple dials. In order from left to right: water temperature, oil, speedometer, tachometer and battery with in a central position, a fuel gauge unreadable limit and gear position indicator.
placed in the longitudinal direction, the huge aluminum engine beyond each side of the motorcycle. The show is fantastic, even at a standstill, as the V8 commands respect. What regret at the front of the machine, as gigantic as unsightly and with a fan of the same caliber, which hides much of the mechanical radiator.
Moto-Station try the Boss Hoss 2013
Worthy of a fighter plane, the dashboard takes a LOT!

Forget European competitors ...

Light pressure on the starter and the big block injected snorts, rising quickly regime to stabilize at 800 rev / min in a few seconds. Blip the throttle to release the incredible vocals and overturning moment to remind you to order. The Boss Hoss sways from side to side with each rotation of the handle. And I do not even talk about noise, barely muffled by the two 4-in-1 opens into two drag pipes having no quieter than the name!
New boost vacuum and Boss lets you know that you are in control of what Detroit does best for over 50 years: a V8 engine as powerful as it is captivating. But the biggest strength of the Boss is its excess. For handling side, the 495 kg of the beast and 2.70 m long not easy maneuvering or stopped or at low speeds. Parking issue but, fortunately, you can count on the reverse!
Once the first of two reports triggered via double-branch switch - long absent from the Boss Hoss, the second report is in fact an overdrive to relieve the engine - it releases the brakes gently. The Boss then changes very easily, at idle, the couple - thank you to semiautomatic converter - even if it is better to keep both feet on the ground to contain its imposing mass. A trickle of gas sufficient to take off the wheel houseboat, surprisingly agile in the early laps with its center of gravity low.
As easy to drive a Honda Goldwing 1800 (or almost ...), its agility and stability sidèrent ... straight only! Because virolos - and even large curves - not his field, outlandish obstacles before the next line. Mechanically cut by more than three quarters of its initial power for France, this version "horseless" hard anyway arms from low revs. Nothing to do of course with the full version provided us any surprise ...
Moto-Station try the Boss Hoss 2013
6.2-liter, V8 is placed longitudinally in

Boss Hoss full 2 ​​Moto GP under the right handle!

Stalled at 80 km / h in first - or 1200 r / min - the unobstructed view of the German motorway uncrowded, I finally decided to weld the handle of the Boss Hoss version full power. This causes a real earthquake: the V8 roars instantly rises silently into the towers, the acceleration is so phenomenal that 200 km / h are happily overwhelmed first in record time. During this short time, the rear tire slips, twists and withdraws in the cavalry charge tumbling without warning.
Crazy, crazy, amazing, I just spent 80 to 200 km / h in first, time a snap. The pleasure is as violent and magical as the desire to re enjoy this pleasurable surge of power. So I put the cover having fun this time to drop everything that moves! Reached the height of Teutonic sedans that hang miserably (...), I start to accelerate like a pig. The cars remain frozen on the spot, my arms are getting longer again, brain stuck to the bottom of the helmet with copious - and still brutal - revving. It feels good when it stops ... but no way to spend two!
In the configuration of our test bike (6.2 l, 485 hp. 5 500 r / min and 60 daN to 4750 rev / min), the Boss Hoss falls 0 to 100 km / h in a couple of seconds. And 0 to 200 km / h in six seconds: stronger than Bugatti Veyron! As a powder keg that is difficult to win when you have tasted ...
Moto-Station try the Boss Hoss 2013
5 Boss Hoss have already found an owner. Item price: € 62,000

Gaffe anyway!

Brake side with such a board in addition to my 70 kg fully dressed weight, the picture somewhat tarnished. The three 320 mm discs are only good humps should be dosed sparingly and delicacy. In the absence of ABS and coupling, while emergency braking is to be avoided under penalty provided fears, especially in the wet.
should therefore carefully follow the instructions: First down the monster with the brake while coming back finally enter the front lever to contain better mass transfer. Let it be said: a Boss Hoss has nothing to do with a modern custom. Even with a Triumph Rocket III elsewhere ... The handlebars of this rolling sculpture, a single slogan. Anticipate every situation if you care to live long
Between two red lights, the Boss Hoss is a true street drag. Every day, she knows how to be the perfect companion to cut the road from far, far away, a long time in comfort above all suspicion. Only the heat generated by the engine at low speeds is unpleasant. And then, no need to tow a tank: the indestructible engine merely consumption "moderate." Between 9 and 12 l/100 km 120/130 km / h will be like from the end of the world.
Moto-Station try the Boss Hoss 2013
Eric is tattooed and vaccinated Boss Hoss. He poses here on version "" horses and ride for eight years in Boss

Balance Boss Hoss: Learn to dare ...

Try a Boss Hoss remain for me an unforgettable experience, and I want to thank Eric for his warm welcome. Confidently - unconsciousness? - The guy has provided me with two of his personal machines within a few hours. And if he has realized his dream, he has also to me to make a crazy dream: to ride on the motorcycle series most frightening world.
terribly I loved it true the finger addressed a world eaten by the environmentally correct and rationality. As Eric puts it: "Once you've tried a Boss, you think Boss, Boss screw you and nothing will ever be." Proprios Harley CVO in motorized Triumph Rocket III winded and Yamaha V-max asthma, shake and go your way: the Boss Hoss arrives on your highways!
Moto-Station try the Boss Hoss 2013
Early Boss Hoss, not imported into France, only 5.7 liter engine!
Moto-Station try the Boss Hoss 2013
Outsized dimensions: 2.70 meters long and 485 kg load.
Moto-Station try the Boss Hoss 2013

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