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Test KTM 125 SX, 150 SX and 250 SX 2014: The two-time Austrian Cross are better than the resistance!

What a joy to see every year 2-stroke KTM cross, which continue to evolve while the 4-stroke is more than ever majority in the paddocks. However, the year 2014 will be rather quiet regarding the changes. We will settle for a few engine and suspension settings other alterations ...
The Austrians also benefit from this presentation of the range all-terrain 2014 to inform us that he will be patient before seeing land the two-time injection . Indeed, the carburetor still delivering the desired performance, KTM do barters his old fuel against an electronic power supply that when fail to examine the pollution standards.
Moto-Station try the KTM 125 SX, 150 SX and 250 SX 2014

Classy and tasteful

Transition to mandatory magnifier before rot motorcycles in the red mud of Sardinia. And as often, either the 125, the 150 or the 250 SX, KTM do not disappoint the retina! There is a decoration that changes colors with this year shades of gray, not necessarily very happy for our liking. Otherwise, what's good with orders Brembo brakes, hydraulic clutch, handlebars Renthal Fat Bar, tees black anodized and always these beautiful chrome pot with a special mention for one of the 250 SX.
Do not seek to differentiate 125 SX and 150 SX, it would be futile. Small change in the side of the box to check: it was a far-V Force3 that was found on the two-time model, which is now Boyensen supported. We are now behind the handlebars of SX: slender for the 125 and 150, a wider 250 for hair, but with a fairly natural position supported by a hanger handlebar intuitive. It's time to sing the cylinder holes!
Moto-Station try the KTM 125 SX, 150 SX and 250 SX 2014

High revs with the 125 SX

It starts with the 125 SX, real reference when Cross 125 2-stroke. Well do not worry, the small Austrian deserves its status. The only sound bright and sharp enough to arouse neurons any Crossman, and this is confirmed on track quickly!
Impossible to do in half-measures with the 125 SX: this bike really pushes you to the crime. She takes turns to no end, not a hair out of breath when going over a report full load, enjoyable!
And that's not all, because if rising midrange up high revs is excellent, it is not left on the side of low speeds. The small Austrian unit develops an impressive power for its displacement, and a quick clutch instantly awakens the wasp to enter in support like a wild ... Attention, we can not afford not initiate a turn in top gear.
Moto-Station try the KTM 125 SX, 150 SX and 250 SX 2014

Well balanced, the 150 SX

Passing on the KTM 150 SX, the sound change is more raucous, more fulfilled. And track the finding will be almost the same. It is very close to the behavior of the 125 SX, but with a little more power and strength over the entire range. The 150 does not mind taking his tricks, quite the contrary, but here we will still be less likely to tease the clutch to restart mechanics. The extra few cubic centimeters bring strength to roll where the 125 SX needs to be cravachée. Here we are much closer to a 250 4-stroke in terms of performance while keeping the fun 2-time.
Moto-Station try the KTM 125 SX, 150 SX and 250 SX 2014

A 250 SX which calms

Place the specter of Cross KTM 2-stroke range: the 250 SX! When the engine shakes the descent of the kick, we already know what to expect. The unmistakable sound of the 250 2-stroke always generates its dose of thrills.
On track, it will still struggled with the 250 SX, the fault carburization rich hair that disrupts motor behavior down, but also a blip less frank than the 125. I must say that is a little on the defensive anyway ... However, having seen Herlings atomize the field with the holes in the acceleration were not appointments. I admit that flew into the towers above me. If so, a bit anyway ....
When the KTM 250 SX delivers his cavalry, it is with a real kick in the ass! It is quite as explosive behavior, and when shifts up, thrust gets more beautiful. In short, thrill seekers, this is your bike! For our part, we will take the same with a little less horsepower. Be aware that you can change the valve springs to the exhaust to make it more docile.
Moto-Station try the KTM 125 SX, 150 SX and 250 SX 2014

The better, but to refine

Level suspensions, there is better, but KTM still has some work ahead. Very quickly you realize the slight disagreement between the front and rear. This sometimes make little corner entries delicate, it does not necessarily happen to get it right every time with. But already some settings can improve the feeling. We could actually see between the 125 pretty well settled that easily guided and 150 which released less compression fork makes a little more delicate operations.
Regarding the 250, the disagreement is also set, but it is especially hard point on the first third of the race gene. In jump landing quick dish or a smashed brake, it shakes a little in the wrists. A bit of testing and development of the pilot will be required to find the perfect match suspensions.
From a handling point of view, we can not complain much about these bikes. KTM 125 and 150 SX are real toys, their featherweight to overlap marks in less time than it takes to say ... And fast, whether curved or straight, that holds the pavement with the passage excellent traction.
This is a little trickier with the 250, but that's when you go down a 125. For if we pass the 450 SX-F to 250 SX, one realizes that the two-time wins hands down the game handling! On stability, it's a little more complicated anyway. Sometimes one has the feeling of losing a little control and be limited to bars shake. A final word regarding the braking KTM SX 2-stroke is devoid of engine braking was able to appreciate the power of the Brembo system both front and rear.
Moto-Station try the KTM 125 SX, 150 SX and 250 SX 2014

Conclusion: To each his own 2-stroke!

2-time do you want? 2-time here! The KTM SX line always brings a lot of satisfaction and fun with fans of the cylinder holes. Unquestionably the KTM 125 SX wins the prize for "the agitator of neurons." This small supercharged boiler will not leave anyone indifferent.
The KTM 150 SX is somehow a 125 2-stroke prepared with more power everywhere without making it less fun. This bike is anti gun 250 4-stroke, but the regulation in some championship is still a little vague and it often requires to ride MX1.
Finally, the KTM 250 SX is a dirt standard. I hear: "Yes, but before we had to ride it!" Yes, but when we tasted the effectiveness of 4-stroke engine and large modern especially their ease, it's hard to go back. One thing is certain: the sensations are waiting for you! Explode supports dust is enjoyable with the 250 2-stroke, but the best is to have to keep a round like that. And there is another story ...
We can only regret a rate increase about 150 € for all KTM SX 2014. OK, handing the redundant Race Orange FFM Ufolep or catching a little time, but even with this promotion, the increase is real.

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