Saturday, 7 September 2013

1200 Moto Morini Scrambler 2013: Remeber


Price: € 10,900, several formulas LOA Colors: 17 exterior colors, frame and engine choices Warranty: Two years parts and labor, unlimited mileage 

Moto-Station try the Moto Morini Scrambler 1200 2013


All of the Moto Morini 2004 era / 2013 based on the same mechanics, namely FMV912 twin created by Franco Lambertini, an engine engineer recognized in Italy. The Bialbero Corsa Corta or Superquadro - so called because of its great odds square:. 107 mm bore x stroke 66 mm - is undoubtedly the pride of the brand
opened 87 °, this twin is long, but its narrowness remains valid . This keeps a fine bike for a 1200 cm3 means. In Scrambler configuration, it gives up some horses: 117 against 140 roadster Corsaro. It is enough for a neo retro! Next couple Moto Morini announces 10.7 kgm at 7000 rpm / min. This high value is true quite at times, although strong.
Soon, a mechanical evolution win all Moto Morini range. A second lambda probe and new injection settings should help lower fuel consumption and soften the engine at low revs. Then remain to win on the cooling of the block which dissipates a lot of calories in the city.
Moto-Station try the Moto Morini Scrambler 1200 2013


The steel trellis frame is manufactured in Verlichicci, subcontractor recognized in Italy. It supports meaningful undercarriages: Marzocchi fork with 50 mm - unfortunately devoid of adjustment - and a lateral damper Paioli brand, has meanwhile a triple adjustment. The swing arm in aluminum box is beautifully crafted. Braking is entrusted to three discs 255 mm calipers two pistons. The Moto Morini Scrambler therefore has a real rear brake, powerful, and luckily enough measurable.
Moto-Station try the Moto Morini Scrambler 1200 2013

Equipment - Manufacturing

The overall build quality is one of the recognized qualities of Moto Morini. The rooms are well designed, cohesion is the appointment and attention to details. Note the many nice colors available, beautiful spoked wheels, details like the headlamp grille or single side bag that maintains rear asymmetry of the bike, the pots are positioned on the other side. The sound of these is very nice. The dashboard is identical to that of the Corsaro, appears quite readable, with a clock, gear indicator, various trips, room temperature.
Moto-Station try the Moto Morini Scrambler 1200 2013

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