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TT Cross Enduro Helmet test: Bell Moto 8K

Ah, the Bell helmet ... Necessarily fans of Supercross and Motocross will not put more than half a second to link with Jeremy McGrath! A brand that King will reach during its boom years in AMA SX, but is also seen on the head of Sebastien Tortelli, when the title of world champion 250 in 1998. With the Moto 8, no doubt: we recover the heritage and identity of the big time. But the warbling is not everything, because we use goes still has the old Bell has a hair ...
TT Cross Enduro Helmet test: Bell Moto 8K

The American myth

American origins require the Bell Moto 8 is not the lightest motorcycle helmets TT market. However, the weight of 1350 grams is far from excessive, and is very correct rolling. Side look, you appreciate the clean lines of the Moto 8 that seems straight out of the 90s, without taking a ride. 
finishes are generally correct, but angry at certain points of collage: the nose guard (fixed) comes off small by little, as the plastic part to fix the inner foam at the front. 
If all is satisfactory, we can only see the details a cheap hair here and there. The visor fixed at two points, finally agrees quite well until the bumps and drops. We appreciate further tightening without tools, practice.
TT Cross Enduro Helmet test: Bell Moto 8K

Ergonomics is not it!

Be careful when choosing your helmet: Bell does not size like other helmets on the market. Personally it took me a size larger than usual. Once helmeted, let's go for a little roll in the mud, but also under the sun. The opportunity to see the breakdown of the Bell Moto 8K is very good. Air flows very well and it is not displeasing to us. But things go wrong on the side of comfort: we have known better ...
By having a head shaped "classic" - rather round - a bar is formed at the front, but also behind the head. Not great for long trips Enduro! The ergonomics of the helmet deserves a dusting rule though, for use, you get used to.
TT Cross Enduro Helmet test: Bell Moto 8K

It's a shame because the inner foam themselves are quite comfortable and pleasant to the touch. In contrast to unclip - including the cheeks - it takes grip and not be afraid to tear it. So far it's going well, but for how long?
This helmet has a wide front opening and agrees very well the bulkier masks provided however that they are not with a nose guard. The Bell Moto 8 is not removable, it will necessarily remove the mask. Side projections, nothing to say for myself is plastering on a circuit with lots of pebbles, the chin and the nose guard is effective.
TT Cross Enduro Helmet test: Bell Moto 8K

Conclusion: It was (not always) better before

Bell Moto 8 definitely exudes a certain authenticity that pleases no doubt many among you, especially as the quality of the interior is very good. But it is not enough. It is with some disappointment that we must point out the shortcomings of this helmet in terms of ergonomics and comfort.
This helmet is a bit rustic, somewhat removed from the current standards. Probably the Bell Moto 9 that carries James Stewart AMA he aims to rectify, but due to availability and approval in Europe, we can not say anything for now ... Pricewise, it remains under 300 €: a decent rate but happen even better finishes a little more careful.

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