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Motorcycle tire test 2013: Michelin Power SuperSport

Since the advent of air-Sport GT Michelin Pilot Road 3 (PR3) two years ago, Michelin Road range has been completely redesigned. Michelin Power Cup Power Slick and the track last year, Michelin Pilot Power 3 and Power Super Sport:. Now, with five references to the catalog, road range of Michelin for sparser and recent
Featuring rate grooving of 7.5%, the new Michelin Power SuperSport comes between the Power Cup (5% grooving, use 95% track) and the Michelin Pilot Power 3 (10% grooving, 15% track). So Bidendum calls this new rides for a novel use: Trail 50% / 50% road.
But the way, we shall not do during the presentation press the Power SuperSport. As a justice of the peace, it is indeed a demanding course of Portimao circuit which should allow us to take the first information about the sportsmanship and endurance sports new pneumatic radial French.
Moreover, the 600 to 1000 cm3, a nice range of sports purring in the pits are now more than we expected! But before going solo grind our sliders on the Portuguese track, our guests have concocted a small studio handling (at handlebars BMW S1000RR), to compare the Power Pilot Power and SuperSport 3, the two new models built on same mold.
Moto-try the Michelin Power Station SuperSport

Same basis as the Pilot Power 3, but more rigid

He might have the same type of cuts that the Power Cup (in greater numbers anyway!), The Michelin Power SuperSport is inherently closer to the new Pilot Power III, using the same quality of rubber 100% silica.
His HMS frame also uses the same materials, but its structure is different, allowing him to make a 12% greater rigidity. Such as road / sport PP3 Power SuperSport also uses the latest generation Michelin dual compound on the rear tire. This is the 2CD + technology, which combines a hard rubber on the tread with soft parts on the shoulders but novelty, parts of hard rubber placed under the soft parts can enhance the rigidity of the tire - which suddenly more easily accept the low pressure track.
However, unlike the Pilot Power 3, if installed at the rear of the central part gum is the same, the soft parts of the shoulders are more on SuperSport. Finally in terms of their profile, these two innovations are also different, the Supersport is more rounded than the PP3, with 2 mm gap at the top of the tire and 1 mm gap on the shoulders.
On Workshop handling, where we live on the German superbike at moderate speed between cones, we are invited to compare the Pilot Power in Power SuperSport 3 (with the manufacturer's recommended standard pressure). Here, the PP3 is more maneuverable than the SuperSport directivity is better, which made ​​it feel with the Super Power the machine direction is heavier. At low speeds it means! This feeling she lasted in attack mode? Riding a Yamaha R6, the first trial frame, let's get to the heart of the matter.
Moto-try the Michelin Power Station SuperSport

Getting Express legs

Excited at the idea of driving on the Portimao circuit, but your servant began his first session with the greatest caution. Not to heat the Michelin Power SuperSport - their actuation is very fast, we see with joy - but to save the Portuguese circuit, where fast blind corners and braking on the angle on slopes abound. Very impressive!
So on this first session of six rounds, without really brutalize our supersport with three forks, so for now we seem really happy with the grip of the tires, it is above all the agility afforded the nosewheel surprises us. Yamaha R6 and floor shows ultra keen on the angle changes and a formidable placement accuracy: bode well for the last trajecter fast right down to the pit lane.
It tumbles to the bottom of 2 end to end around the 270 km / h (over 280 km / h for the sharpest). But before going to the stands, a slight bump is lift the front, initiating a strong bars shake Point reassuring. Pilot error! On the next bus with a lightweight front, it should go to bed about the machine keeping more support on the handlebars.
Moto-try the Michelin Power Station SuperSport

Michelin Power SuperSport: Easy guide and grip

Second session, this time aboard the Triumph Daytona 675 R fitted with Michelin Supersport cold pressure was lowered: 2.1 bar front, 1.7 rear. By using blankets, we can even go down to 1.5 bar in the back if we are to believe the Clermont manufacturer.
Thus, the contact surface soil increases: it would be even higher than 52% when the it evolves on the shoulders of the tire where the grooves are less numerous. Result: The power goes perfectly, even during violent reminders throughout the next six rounds. For the moment, no stall deplore and yet the pace has accelerated dramatically aboard the torquey English.
announced the sporting potential is real and the performance of Michelin Power SuperSport are constants. On hard braking, the envelope front cup slightly, which can give a feeling of stepdown. But guiding the bike is very good, intuitive, and easy to put on and progressive angle, unnecessary force. Cornering grip and is therefore maintaining optimal course. The feeling is good, making instant sensations. In short, there is trust!
Moto-try the Michelin Power Station SuperSport

Hello, it's going to get!

The handlebars of the Aprilia RSV4 Factory - free version of it goes without saying - is now perceived the limits of traction on our test up. Stalled on the Sport mode of the superbike Noale - with traction control less intrusive than the standard mapping, but a little on the Track mode - back wins kindly to overshoot at two locations circuit. In the left two pins that make up the Portuguese circuit, with right turns are much more numerous. Fortunately, the Michelin Power SuperSport is causing the handle and it relieves even before the traction control comes into action.
The end of the session riding the Aprilia confirms the impressions collected on less powerful supersport. Tires obey the eye but also to the fingers of the driver, keeping perfectly straight trajectories and feel simply great. The wear observed at the end of travel is reasonable, while our machine to chain tricks and testers throughout the afternoon.
Moto-try the Michelin Power Station SuperSport

Conclusion: Gold for the occasional track racers!

With Power SuperSport, Michelin offers more sports of us to have a successful riding on the track, more versatile than its Power Cup almost exclusively for the track (95%).
Besides the general good feeling that gives his 100% silica compound, smooth parts of shoulder and the possibility of adopting the low pressure end, it provide great grip and precision on the angle. Will delight those who venture 3-4 times on the track this year, but also run on road everyday.
Unfortunately, we were unable to test this tire combined use. On the road, we imagine the Power SuperSport equally effective, but what about his comfort, his grip on wet or longevity? On this last question, Michelin is reassuring. New study commissioned DEKRA to support, says Bibendum indeed have a longer life to its main competitors, Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa and Metzeller Racetec Interact K3 head.
impossible for us to check for the moment, however, before comparison, through next maxitest you might fill, we can draw on this (among others) valuable information.

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