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All test motorbike jacket and trousers Rev'it Sand 2

Launched in 1995, the Dutch brand Rev'it quickly learned on the ground through its commitment to competition and at sessions of intensive tests. In 2013, she began a turn with the creation of an online streetwear, but today we look at the whole Sand 2 for users of large road trails or the GT. We tested this in biker gear our comparative large road trails in 2013 , and for several weeks in March frost, rain, and early spring. Verdict.
Moto-Station trying all Rev'it Sand jacket and pants 2

Warning: Carefully choose your size

As its name suggests, the whole jacket / trousers Rev'it Sand 2 is the successor of Sand, one of the best-selling brand. Finishing, as always with Rev It is a strong and all materials developed are perfectly assembled despite the complexity of this type of multi-layer clothing motorcycle. For use throughout the year via its various liners and vents, the Revit Sand 2 immediately shows its high technical level.
This is confirmed threading, since the two inner layers (waterproof membrane and thermal lining) give a feeling of weight and engoncement. It is often the case with three layers clothes, even if all Revit Sand 2 is doing pretty well this year, especially on critical areas. The armhole, for example, does not generate bead, always unpleasant when adjusting his gloves. Morality, the various layers are fairly well cut and assembled them.
Nevertheless, attention to the size of the pants Sand 2 which is available in three leg lengths: think to try before you buy, this is essential! By the way, make sure that the knee pads fall in the right place once in place on the bike. Also provided with three layers (pants himself and two liners), trousers Rev'it Sand 2 gives the impression of slipping into a skiwear. But this feeling disappears as soon as the layers work together.
Moto-Station trying all Rev'it Sand jacket and pants 2

Hot or cold, no problem

The fit of the jacket and trousers Rev'it Sand 2 possibilities are many - adjustable waist, elastic bands with pressure and quality buttons, including the very successful sliding collar snap. The neck is still necessary because of the short neck of the jacket. It is cold (below 5 ° C) or hot (over 20 ° C), the motorcycle jacket Revit Sand 2 is very effective. Thanks to its thermal insulating lining, its vents do not leave, once closed, pass the air stream.
During warm weather, once the thermal liner removed and the vents open, you get a breath of fresh air. Rainfall events she has faced have failed to set default impermeability. Even the jacket alone, without the waterproof lining resists few kilometers before imbibing.
practical side shines through his pants cargo pockets "catch-all" in addition to traditional pants pockets but closed by zipper. However, the jacket Sand 2 deserved more neat pockets with zip plus Velcro. Good point, however, for the presence of the pocket down the back, roomy enough to slip one liners.
Moto-Station trying all Rev'it Sand jacket and pants 2

Balance Rev'it Sand 2: A motorcycle equipment made to last

Designed and assembled with care, all Rev'it Sand2 demonstrated undeniable qualities of ergonomic adjustments, good thermal performance, well-integrated protections, the ability to remove the various layers as needed, and quality manufacturing seems to augur a good life. Rev'it has worked on such materials so that the colors do not tarnish.
remains a "special" feeling the first time you slip in this set because of the two inner layers and small details that can grieve, like finish closing external jacket pockets or neck too short for winter use. Sold € 609.98, this set jacket / pants road Revit Sand 2 is quite well placed in this range of motorcycle clothing in light of its services and its quality workmanship.

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