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Regal Raptor Bobber 350: Remeber


Price: € 4,990 (to 08/26/14) Availability: immediate Colours: black, white, special colors optional Warranty: 2 years parts and labor, unlimited mileage trying Regal Raptor 350 Bobber

Regal Raptor, what is it?

This is the trainer Johnny Pag which is the origin of Regal Raptor. His idea was to design a brand of motorcycle radical, very typical custom, but low capacity to attract a new audience, especially beginners. The merger with Lifeng swiftly sank source, a major manufacturer in China, subcontractor providing Honda and also motorcycles Chinese police or the army. Depending on market, product Lifeng its motorcycles under several banners, including Leonart, Johnny Pag Motor Company. Regal Raptor is one of the most active and strongest Chinese manufacturer brands. trying Regal Raptor 350 Bobber


The Bobber 350 hosts a twin online cubing actually 320 cm3 with internal dimensions "great square", promoting the bore (62 mm) in stroke (53 mm), as most of today's engines. The base engine is shared with the system developed by Honda for its block Rebel 250 , while Lifeng would fit a liquid cooling. Similarly, Lifeng has also developed electronic fuel injection to replace carburetors initially adopted by Honda, Delphi brand as on many Chinese motorcycles. Originally designed to accept octane rating of 93, driving the Regal Raptor Bobber 350 can easily turn into unleaded 95. However, to pass Euro 3, it uses two catalytic in its line of exhaust systems, generating a lot of heat when the engine turns off. Developing 26 horsepower and 2.2 daN torque, so performance is modest, which should benefit reliability. trying Regal Raptor 350 Bobber


Very unusual today, 350 Bobber based on a rigid frame without rear suspension damping is provided by a beautiful telescopic fork at the front and small springs under the car seat! Discomfort is perceptible to the slightest bump, while the chassis is likely to require regular inspections throughout the life of the motorcycle shock manhandling necessarily the equipment of the bike. Braking is entrusted to three discs, slowdowns are sufficient. We weighed the Regal Raptor Bobber 350 to 174.8 pounds fully fueled, with no surprise a net distribution of weight on the rear (82.8 kg AV, AR 92 kg), of traditional customs. trying Regal Raptor 350 Bobber

Equipment - Manufacturing

Given its philosophy, Bobber 350 is not encumbered by unnecessary: ​​a single round, legible and dressed some lights counter. Optionally, it is possible to add a tachometer, engine temperature gauge, or a clock. It does not list storage, it should be expected, and baggage transport require to pass in props.
Regarding build quality, again, it is better not to be too stop on things like the clutter around the engine block. More disturbing, some son ask better insulation, and necklaces were used in places, not been cut to the correct length. It's enough to improve some easy points, what should be the dealer before inserting Regal Raptor customers. trying Regal Raptor 350 Bobber

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