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Motorcycles Zero S and DS-2013: Remeber


Price: € 13,995 (ZF8.5), € 15,995 (ZF11.4) Colour: Black, yellow (S), orange and khaki (DS) Warranty: 2 years parts and labor, unlimited mileage Availability: Immediate 

Moto-Station try the Zero S and DS 2013

Engine and battery

The Zero S and DS are available in two versions, depending on the capacity of the battery (lithium-ion voltage from 102 volts). The ZF8.5 is capable of delivering a power of 8.5 kWh and 11.4 kWh for ZF11.4 given. These maintenance-free battery and no memory effect (they tolerate and manage partial refills) are designed to 3000 full charge cycles, a theoretical lifetime of 415,000 km for the ZF8.5 and 552,000 km for the ZF11. 4.
What come see! A simple socket (connector in the frame above the deck left driver) can fully charge in 6 hours (ZF8.5) to 8:00 (ZF11.4). However, in the thirty stations with CHAdeMO taken (list available on the Internet), 1 hour is sufficient to reach 95%.
Z-Force engine 75-7 is the most powerful and most compact brushless motors (brushless) air cooled. His life is equivalent to that of batteries. Side performance, it delivers 40 kW (about 54 hp) and an impressive torque of 92Nm.
controller and controller are integrated, as well as the charger power 1.3kW. All these elements are sealed and bear the heavy rains: no need to worry, there is no risk of electrocution. The motor is connected directly to the rear wheel without clutch via a maintenance-free belt with an automatic tensioner.
Good news, these bikes can be driven by holders of A2 license as for electrical machines, the legislation takes account the average power (16kW) and not max (40kW).
Moto-Station try the Zero S and DS 2013

Automonie theoretical (S / DS)

CityHighway (89km / h)CombinedHighway (113km / h)Combined
ZF8.5166 km/153 miles103 km/92 miles127 km/114 miles85 km/74 miles113 km/100 miles
ZF11.4220 km/203 miles137 km/122 miles169 km/153 miles113 km/98 miles150 km/132 miles


The frame and swing arm of Zero uses aluminum. In addition to the double side beams, a lower cradle allows the attachment of additional elements. Back loop welded to the main portion, is of the same metal. The motor and batteries are compact enough, the frame is also giving a thin and narrow machine. The center of gravity is not very high and well centered masses. This allows a healthy and dynamic behavior.Coupled with a wheelbase of 412mm 1 (for S, 433mm and 1 for the DS), a rake of 23.3 ° (26 ° for the DS) and hunting (79 mm to 113 mm DS) it gives a cocktail agility and effective liveliness.
The width of the Zero S tires (front 110 mm against 130 in the rear, 17-inch) also facilitates changes angles. These dimensions rather common open to the Zero S a wide choice of tires mounted. The Zero DS is itself equipped with 19-inch wheels in front and 17 rear, pavements 100 and 130 mm. To suspend this little world, inverted fork (deflections of 140 mm for S, 178 mm for the DS) is adjustable for preload, compression and rebound damping as well as the (149 mm and 195 mm travel). The latter is mounted directly, without reference rods.
Listed brakes is Nissin was chosen by Zero, with a 310mm disc with dual-piston caliper at the front and a 220 mm disc with single bracket piston rear. No ABS system is not available at the moment.
The total weight of the Zero S is 173 kg when ZF11.4 and 159 kg for ZF8.5. The Zero DS is slightly heavier (179 kg and 165 kg). Both bikes are a total load about 170 kg. Note that the weight does not affect the engine power: only autonomy is reduced due to the extra weight. A good point.
Moto-Station try the Zero S and DS 2013


The instrument uses a classic block with a central tachometer needle surrounded by a liquid crystal screen right (combining speed, battery gauge, odometer and two trip partial) and classical group of lights left ... no neutral light, of course! Above the tachometer sits a large light-up green when the machine is ready to roll. Practice. It is however unfortunate that the needle of the tachometer, which rises and falls without indicating anything really specific, was not quite used to display the instantaneous torque delivered by the engine ...
Moto-Station try the Zero S and DS 2013

Smartphone Connectivity

One of the features of Zero is the ability to connect your bluetooth iOS or Android smartphone to your bike, via a dedicated application. Besides the large amount of displayable information (speed, battery level, remaining until full charge, number of cycles already completed, miles or time remaining before the "dry down" torque value supplied battery voltage time ... ), it is possible to configure the Eco mode as desired.Through simple sliders, you can set the torque, the engine brake, maximum speed ... Interesting, useful and really well thought out.
Listed gadget, you can specify a value of consumption of a thermal vehicle and display liters of fuel saved and CO2 emissions avoided. Will swell the pride of eco-citizen you sleep! In case of problems with the bike, finally, a button to send the data directly to the machine zero for expertise and research of solution or come into contact with telephone technical assistance. Still a good idea ...
Moto-Station try the Zero S and DS 2013


- Kit taken CHAdeMO + Quick-charging 
- Windscreen / Windshield 
- Luggage Set top box and Givi hard or soft 
- Heated grips 
- 12 V socket or USB GPS and smartphone 
- handlebar holder for smartphone 
- Handwraps ( DS) 
- clutch options to customize performance 
- clothing lines 
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