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Honda CB500X ABS 2013: Remeber


Price: € 5,990 (to 10/05/13) Colors: White, Black, Red Warranty: Two years parts and labor, unlimited mileage Availability: mid May 2013

First test and test Honda CB500X by motor!


As roadster sports CBR500RR and CB500F, the trail CB500X is powered by Honda's new engine, a twin line 471 cm3 internal ribs "square" where the stroke is very close to its diameter. With a bore of 67 mm (such as CBR 600 RR) and a stroke of 66.8 mm, rather than promoting the raw power, the Japanese engine manufacturers have therefore decided to fill the engine with a focus on general approval and midrange. The result is a very linear character, but still enough player in the high revs. The crankshaft is clamped to 180 °. A balancer shaft is located behind the cylinder, as close to the center of gravity. Honda indicates that the crankshaft balance weights are lightened to decrease inertia. Power is given to the injection Honda PGM-FI system.
To promote the compactness of the unit, Honda has opted for a centralized internal trees as the CBR sports brand. The selection box is also inspired by the one used on the 4-cylinder sports. This engine is equipped with a water pump, lighter and more compact, with respect to setting the valve clearance, it is assigned to the pads, thereby reducing friction. Vanadium treatment allegedly suffered by the distribution chain is also in the same effort to reduce friction and noise. By installing a separator in the air box, but also working on the proximity between the box and the exhaust manifolds, gas exchange would be optimized. To maintain a compact and lightweight engine block housings use thin walls. There is an oxygen sensor and a built-in 2 into 1 exhaust. Catalyst
Finally, the new engine develops a maximum power of 48 hp. (35 kW) at 8500 r / min and maximum torque value of 4.3 daN comes at 7000 rev / min. Honda Announces consumption WMTC for less restrained, as is 3.5 l/100 km. Given the appearance of a larger tank than the other two CB, against 17.3 liters 15.7 liters, with consolidated announced the independence of the X frôlerait 500 km. We record a maximum speed of 185 km / h meter, the switch.
First test and test Honda CB500X by motor!


- Interim Revision 12 000 km
- Grosse revision 24 000 km
- Change the spark plugs 24 000 km
- Air Filter 18 000 km (no fuel filter)
- Valve clearance 24 000 km
First test and test Honda CB500X by motor!


The backbone of the new Honda CB500X take as a base a model framework Diamond steel. The main beam displays a diameter of 35 mm. The engine, maintained by top via four anchor points on each side, contributes to the rigidity of the frame. To reduce vibration, Honda says he worked on the shape and position of the attachment points.
At the front, the hydraulic fork with 41 mm diameter 20 mm display additional clearance. Entry-level model, the CB500X has no suspension tuning, can only evolve the preload on the rear of 9 positions. Note that for optimal progressivity, the rear suspension type Pro-Link, the Honda system with variable ratio. The geometry of the trail also differs in hunting, 109 mm instead of 103 mm, and the angle of the steering column, against 26.5 ° 25.5 ° on the CB500F. Logically, the wheelbase of the X is longer than 10 mm, as the ground clearance of 15 mm. The saddle is it, higher than 25 mm on the roadster. The handlebars of the CB500X is also wider, more enhanced and returned to the driver.
CB500X Honda comes standard with ABS, but not full CBS system (the action is independent disks). There is a large 320 mm disc at the front, gripped by a twin-piston caliper and rear single 240 mm disc, with its single-piston caliper. Powerful, but not too much, the brakes are perfectly Assayable. On alloy wheels 17-inch road tires are installed slightly sculpted Pirelli Scorpion Trail.
First test and test Honda CB500X by motor!

Manufacturing - equipment

Output factories Honda Thailand, CB500X is a successful motorcycle manufacturing. His presentation is neat, its quality materials and equipment relatively good quality. In short, with its air of Crosstourer 1200, especially in the red color, the trail entry level does not (too much!) Motorcycle beginner. 
Its instrumentation is distinguished by a specific screen in orange color, like ski masks 80s, we rightly observes a colleague. "Full digital", it is compact but perfectly legible even in terms of the tachometer installed in the upper part of the screen. There is a fuel gauge segmented, two trips, clock and trip computer. The right stalk, hazard lights will operate with a flick of the thumb. The small screen can be adjusted in two positions (with a hex wrench). Its protection is limited.
Under the passenger seat, a type of small U lock on range. Unlike the seat roadster CB500F, the passenger does not have an independent seat here. Nevertheless, for its comfort, the handles appear wider than the CB500F. And as they are closed, securing a luggage by bungee cords is easier. Against theft, CB500X also has a coded key, patented Honda HISS system.
First test and test Honda CB500X by motor!

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