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KTM 390 Duke: To remember


Price: € 5,090 (au18/04/2013) Colors: single, white and orange Warranty: Two years parts and labor, unlimited mileage Availability: June 2013 

Moto-Station try the KTM 390 Duke


The KTM Duke 390 has a brand new engine 375 cm3 assembled on a specific chain Bajaj factory in India. Internal dimensions favor the bore at the expense of the race (type super square, showing 89 mm piston diameter and stroke 60 mm) to allow an interesting power, thanks to a high maximum speed (for a single, is 9500 rev / min for maximum power) and optimized via large filling valve. This "small" 4-stroke technology obviously inherits single drum home. Weighing only 36 kg, it has trees superposed box (more compact housings), a forged piston, a treaty Nikasil cylinder, DOHC and hard rockers treated carbon to extend their life and reduce friction at distribution.
pollution is at the heart of the concerns of motorists, the 375 cm3 has a dual ignition to optimize combustion and fuel injection to reduce consumption. Made in collaboration with Keihin electronic fuel injection that also allows to easily adapt the motor power to the regulation of the new European A2 motorcycle license. Developing Series 44 horses, 390 Duke can be easily clamped to 40 horsepower through a specific mapping.
's exhaust - located under the engine to refocus the masses - has three plenum and a catalytic device regulated. Lubrication is carried out by a high-speed pump for discharging the oil and also the better the pressure within the housing (as in the other single drum of the mark including LC4). The range of revisions is 7 500 km mainly to monitor the proper functioning of the engine and drain the oil as (quantity and quality) is also of crucial importance to a small displacement (partly due to the low capacity wet casings).
Moto-Station try the KTM 390 Duke


Part of the KTM 390 Duke uses a known pattern with a steel mesh that mixes perfectly round tubes and other ovals. He is one with the back loop (a loop back bolt was probably more expensive to produce). Yet it would be an argument during a slide, when only the back loop requires replacement.
The swingarm is made ​​of aluminum die-cast: a manufacturing method that was able to show profitable long. As the frame is produced by Indian subcontractors Bajaj. Alloy wheels come for their Chinese subcontractors while the brake calipers branded Bybre - for "By Brembo" - are actually made ​​by an Indian subsidiary of the Italian manufacturer. The ABS is entrusted to a master in the field, namely Bosch specialist team that the 390 Duke of 9MB disconnectable system. The WP suspension are very convincing for a bike in this category. However, only the shock absorber has a preload adjustment.
Moto-Station try the KTM 390 Duke

Equipment - Manufacturing

To € 5,090 with ABS detachable series, we must recognize that the KTM Duke 390 has a very honest quality workmanship. While the color is unique and some electrical connections right side deserve more discretion. However, the 390 Duke looks good and it is clear that KTM has more to catch up on the volumes on the gross margin of the vehicle, as is usually the case in small cars.
Regarding equipment, appreciates presence passenger handles less volume very small trunk mounted under the seat. The dashboard is modern, fully digital, and takes the shape of the KTM 125/200 Duke. Very complete and quite readable, it provides information on speed, engine speed, gear, average consumption and the remaining distance to empty. It also includes a clock, two trips, fuel gauge, engine temperature remains one of very high even in normal use graduations.
We deplore the absence of adjustments to the brake and clutch, always useful for small hands, especially women who are probably also interested in the 390 Duke.
Moto-Station try the KTM 390 Duke

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