Sunday, 8 September 2013

ll test motorbike jacket and pants IXS X-GTX

Well established in Northern Europe, the Swiss manufacturer IXS has a leading position in markets such as Germany or the Netherlands. Less well known to us, the great specialist Gore-Tex knows a issue of clothing textile motorcycle "all conditions." We chose to test a rather high end set with X-GTX Nimrod jacket and matching trousers called X-GTX Haran.
Moto-Station trying all jacket and pants IXS X-GTX

Comfort even for large

All releases excellent quality printing, with a flawless finish, at the height sets Dainese Alpinestars and you will discover shortly. IXS uses recognized for their efficiency materials Cordura for strength, Gore-Tex for breathing. The cut is very successful, and is perfect for large templates writing. Surprising when you consider that IXS offers the widest market sizes (up to 5XL).
jacket pants as not to unduly generate engoncement effect despite the presence of multiple layers, IXS has managed best superimposing different linings. A good either for comfort during walking sessions or - especially - once on the bike, where nothing obstructs the movement. Tested at our large comparative trails 2013 , all IXS showed excellent polyvalence.En effect, simply remove them one by one liners both the jacket and pants X-GTX to adjust to room temperature .
Moto-Station trying all jacket and pants IXS X-GTX

Proven versatility

In addition, sections of the treated layers avoid classic headlock d√©poilage the roadside. The removable waterproof membrane attached by zipper does not catch when handled. And no risk of confusing its fixation with that of the thermal lining: it is secured by snaps.
At temperatures ranging from 5 to 25 °, the Nimrod jacket remains undeterred with its two removable layers and 6 breakdowns (the pants have large openings on the thighs). The most impressive is the wide opening at the back in a square that airs all back, subject to not have a backpack.
protection side, the jacket brand IXS valuable points with the presence of elbow and shoulder protectors and especially to a backbone brand Sas-Tec material high shock absorption receiving approval EN 1621-2 level 2.
Haran The pants have knee pads generously sized and padding TecnoFoam guy on hips. IXS provides only real option that hip protectors because they stiffen many pants in new condition, which can hinder the sale in the shop.
Moto-Station trying all jacket and pants IXS X-GTX

Conclusion: The Swiss efficiency at a price

Made with undeniable care, all IXS X-GTX provides a more typical look big trails that GT. In addition, the flattering gray and red colors will be a little messy, but a classic black remains in the catalog.
This set is also quite expensive: € 599 count for Nimrod and 378 € for the jacket pants Haran, or € 977 for together. This is the price to pay for a very high quality of workmanship and flawless efficiency, back protector high quality premium. However, given the price, IXS could provide protections hips optional.
We can talk about investment, but we must recognize that the IXS products have a reputation to last long. The game may be worth the effort.

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