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F6B Honda Gold Wing: To remember


Price: € 23,990 (at 11/04/13) Colors: Black, Red Warranty: Two years parts and labor, unlimited mileage Availability: Immediate


Unsurprisingly, F6B takes exactly the technical basis of the standard GL 1800 Gold Wing, namely his famous boxer 6-cylinder 1832 cm3 and its shaft drive and gimbal mounted in a frame aluminimum sized up to the claims of the beast. You will find everything detailed in this test GL 1800 Gold Wing description here .
Nevertheless, the engine of F6B differs in some details. A new mapping is used to limit emissions, associated with HECS3 system (Honda Evolution Catalysing System 3) that incorporates a 3-way catalyst. The differences are imperceptible to drive all that power and torque values ​​do not change. To be confirmed in a larger trial, we have seen here eating this F6B less than 6 km l./100 a wasteful rate, which is very reasonable given the capacity and weight of this luxurious GT . The usual engine speed - very low 2300 r / min at 90 km / h and 3400 rev / min to 130 km / h (counter) - partly explains this result.
A note for reasons of weight and cost The manufacturer has removed the famous electric reverse - yet handy when it comes to maneuvering the bike of 400 kg - and the equally useful control electro-mechanical speed (highway), together accounting for 5 and 3 kg.
If one understands the economic reasons for their absence here, it is unfortunate that these facilities are not at least available as an option to the command (as in BMW, for example).

Warning, this is part of the cycle of the GL 1800 Gold Wing, which differs visually by the color of its frame, its electric reverse and back steps instead of simple footrest on F6B.


The effect is misleading: relieved of its generous top box and features a redesigned seat, the F6B seems lower than a standard Gold Wing. There is nothing, however, geometry and ground clearance particular are identical, only the seat height reduced by 15 mm to 725 mm now, having been reviewed. The side panels are slightly retouched. For the rest, the new custom touring Honda retains its strong twin-spar aluminum frame, its pro-link rear suspension and solid fork (diameter 45 mm) with a rare hydraulic anti-dive device. The famous and great coupled CBS-ABS braking is also in the game, including its large rear 316 mm disc, we seek more than on lighter bikes to slow down this road imposing vessel, while two discs before reinforcements come on heavy braking. Despite the power of all, we must still keep in mind the inertia of the bike, while enjoying once again the stability of large slowdowns.


It is mainly on the post that F6B differs significantly from the Gold Wing. If you immediately notice its truncated bubble removal of top box (- 20 kg, added to - 8 kg earned on the engine) filled with an aesthetic plastic cover, its plain colors (black or red) extended to cover receiver, the new Honda bagger also hides some less pleasant gaps on a motorcycle still charged € 23,990 (at 12/04/13). In addition to the cruise control and electric reverse, it is also the system preload adjustment of the damper which is the cost of this category change. Previously housed in the dashboard, it is replaced by a knob unfortunately hidden behind the right side cover: not practical if you need to edit the setting regularly depending on the load, solo or duo. GPS is also conspicuously absent, as well as the airbag replaced by a glove box with a capacity of 2.8 liters. Two other small compartments are provided in the back of the fairing. The old mechanical height adjustment bubble disappears too, but we do not want him, given the height of its replacement.
vested in the passenger space is also changing significantly. Now the private folder top box and its speakers, this one is not less pampered by a spacious seat and footrest down, instead of the old steps. Accessories catalog Honda also offers the ability to install on F6B a sissy bar for the passenger to lean on the lower back and thus relieve his arms, the side handles are hardly effective to maintain during acceleration.
's panniers retain their capacity of 51 liters, and allow each shelter a full face helmet. Amputee two speakers and handicapped by the low bubble, the whole stereo is less relevant on F6B in any case beyond the 90 km / h. They have four speakers placed in front of the driver and allows you to connect devices such iPod via USB.

F6B, Honda accessories:

- Heated grips 5 positions 
- High windshield 
- Backrest Seat 
- Rack 
- Main Stand 
- Fog lights 
- Chrome handlebar tips 
- Extension fender chrome 
- Billet axis swing arm chrome 
- chrome side stand 
- dust cover

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