Sunday, 8 September 2013

Beta 250 RR 300 and RR 2T 2T 2014 To remember

Price: € 7850 (RR 250 2T) and € 7950 (RR 300 2T) Availability: NC Color: Red 

Moto-Station trying the Beta RR 250 and RR 300 2014


For the year 2014 Enduro RR Beta looked carefully on suspensions including a Marzocchi fork review in many ways.
The mechanism in the cartridge is changed to reduce the friction of the inner shaft. Now it is a diameter of 12 mm, to optimize the flow of oil. The friction rings receive a new seat on it. The settings are also completely new with, among others, a new fork cap that allows a more precise adjustment of the trigger. Finally, a new oil Shell Telus 32 appeared.
's side of the Sachs shock, the trigger system was revised in recalibrating the different oil passages. The diameter of the bypass has been modified so that the conical shape of the adjusting screws. 
Framework was strengthened at the points of the most important constraints while its lower part is made ​​of a new material that stiffens the together. The fuel tank is translucent and changes shape in order to increase its capacity to 9.5 liters without impact on the aesthetics of the bike.
A new front fender is born with a new design to achieve a good compromise between rigidity and torsion. The seat base is reinforced and strengthened to less deformation. Under the saddle, rubber mounting the battery and CDI provides better layout. The rear brake disc is now made ​​of harder material to increase the durability and consistency of braking.
Moto-Station trying the Beta RR 250 and RR 300 2014


On the cover, clutch side, a screw can now check the oil level. The engine 2-stroke Beta 2014 sees slightly modified at the exhaust valves, with a seal providing a total closure of the valves. The goal here is to win in low-end torque and get a rise curve more linear power. The full FMF exhaust - developed exclusively for Beta RR 2T - had received internal changes during the year on the 2013 vintage: these changes were validated and stored.
Moto-Station trying the Beta RR 250 and RR 300 2014

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